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Archive for July 16th, 2007

People’s deputies will be deprived of benefits?

Posted by the Editor on July 16, 2007

News / 16 July 2007 | 17:30

People’s deputies will be deprived of benefits?

People’s deputies will be deprived of benefits?

The President’s Secretariat proposes to restore benefits to Ukrainian citizens at the expense of benefits cancellation of the People’s deputies. Head of the Service on Relations with the VRU and the Cabinet of Ministers Yan Bernazyuk said at a briefing on Monday, ForUm’s correspondent reports.

“It would be reasonable to review benefits to government employees, first of all, to the People’s deputies,” he said.

According to Berezanyuk, it concerns the right of out-of-turn apartment receiving, spa treatment, free passes in any means of transport, free of charge parking and additional material help during new work search.

Yan Bernazyk noted that “the Secretariat needs about two weeks in order to make full list of means and sources of their inpayments”.


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President signed memorandum with business leaders

Posted by the Editor on July 16, 2007

News / 16 July 2007 | 16:37

President signed memorandum with business leaders

President signed memorandum with business leaders

President Viktor Yushchenko on Saturday signed a cooperation memorandum with Ukraine’s business leaders and sent it to the Government with a request to make a plan for its implementation within the next month, President’s press office informs.

Although Ukraine’s economy grows steadily, no serious reforms are introduced, which impedes the country’s economic development. The President and those who signed the memorandum agreed to join their efforts to make these reforms faster. They believe it is important to adopt a new tax code to reduce taxes and introduce other tax innovations.

The document also focuses on energy issues, particularly how to ensure the stability of natural gas supplies. They also agreed to regulate commodity markets in a more predictable way and make sure property rights are protectedeffectively.

The tycoons assured the President they would invest in strategic national projects.


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Promising words on TV

Posted by the Editor on July 16, 2007

Analytics / 16 July 2007 | 16:37

Promising words on TV

Promising words on TV

Despite election campaign has not started yet, Ukraine has seen address of the President Viktor Yushchenko to the people on TV. This social advertising proved critics of Yushchenko’s opponents who consider it political advertising and agitation. Soon BYuT’s advertising appeared on TV. In turn, Party of Regions struck a response blow. Later, “Our Ukraine”-“People’s Self-Defense” bloc and Lutsenko began their TV agitation.

“We strove for changes!

Ukraine has believed in future!

Everybody remembers how we chose the President. It was a moral choice.

I know that many of you disappointed that I acted not strict enough to use such special moment.

Everything is not so easy.

I tried to unite politicians. I called Government and Verkhovna Rada leaders to work together with me in order to make changes. But they have refused.

Instead, they aspired to obtain more power and concentrated only on own interests.

That’s why I dismissed Verkhovna Rada and appointed early parliamentary elections.

I will not give up!

There will be no Universals (Unity pacts) anymore!

There will be elections, because there is time to act in a new way!

There is time for changes!”

Viktor Yushchenko

President of Ukraine

“Are you tired of policy? Do you think your electors forgot about you but fight for power?


There is a struggle between our political team and several clan families who misappropriate ¾ of national wealth of Ukraine.

They, having power of money, have destroyed victory of Maydan. Don’t be naïve! They are indifferent to what language you speak, whether Ukraine is independent or transforms in a new Soviet Union, weather we are in NATO or not. They are only bother how much money they make by Ukraine.

They are shadow owners of your enterprises. You vote as they say. They buy TV channels and manipulate of your mind and choice.

But I believe that you will break this exclusive circle at elections and there will be a life in Ukraine! Despite I used to be disgraced much, believe that I am always with you in this struggle. Your time for victory has already come!”



“For last year our leaders have proved much.

Viktor Yanukovych and Party of Regions have proved that they have experience and management traits of results achievement!

What have leaders of “Orange” revolution proved? –They are politicians who cant work together with the Government. For them power is more important than improvement of life of ordinary people.

Protect you future!

Viktor Yanukovych and Party of regions! – proved effectiveness for Ukraine!”

“Politicians consider themselves higher than their citizens.

President Yushchenko demands changes.

People’s deputies immunity must be cancelled in order bandits not to hide in the parliament. The parliament is place where laws are made but not to hide.

Our Ukraine has already refuse People’s deputy immunity. All responsible politicians must do the same.

Verkhovna Rada must work for the Ukrainian people but not to serve clans interests.”

“Our Ukraine”-“People’s Self-Defense” bloc.

“It used to seem that evil was invincible. Evil seized position by position. Betray and corruption became characteristics of time. At this decisive moment we have traveled all over the country and resumed belief of people in their power. We have not allowed evil to deprive us of future!

The President felt people’s support and dismissed Verkhovna “Zrada” (betrayal).

We forced politicians to unite in order step by step to make new country.

It is time for changes!

Truth will win!”

Yury Lutsenko

Katerina Burlak


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Cabinet of Ministers reduced authorities of Transport Ministry

Posted by the Editor on July 16, 2007

News / 16 July 2007 | 16:12

Cabinet of Ministers reduced authorities of Transport Ministry

Cabinet of Ministers reduced authorities of Transport Ministry

The Cabinet of Ministers reduced the authorities of the Ministry of Transport and Connection on the formation of railway transportations tariffs.

According to the resolution of the Government from July 11, the changes are being implemented into “Regulation concerning the Ministry of Transport and Connection”, which deprives the Ministry of the possibility to carry out tariff policy on the railways.

The State administration of railway transport of Ukraine is charged to realize the single tariff and price policy on the railways.

The document also foresees that the “Ukrzaliznytsya” establishes the tariffs on the transportation of transit goods through the territory of Ukraine by agreement with the Ministry of Transport and Connection.


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Tymoshenko congratulates metallurgists on their professional holiday

Posted by the Editor on July 16, 2007

News / 16 July 2007 | 15:45

Tymoshenko congratulates metallurgists on their professional holiday

Tymoshenko congratulates metallurgists on their professional holiday

Dear metallurgists of Ukraine!

Please accept my sincere greetings on occasion of your professional holiday!

Today you will listen to thousands of thankful words for selfless and hard work which strengthens our state and helps Ukraine to occupy one of the leading places in the world in metallurgical production branch.

These kind words are fully deserved, because metallurgy being the leading industry of Ukrainian economy forms state budget, provides support and development of social sphere. That is why in your labor includes care about a pensioner and a teacher, a serviceman and an official, a doctor and a student.

I know well, how difficult the profession of metallurgist is. The first place of my work is engineer – economist at Dniprovsky machine-building plant. The enterprise received products from metallurgical complex, and I remember how respected and honored your labor was.

Metallurgists have always been, are and will be personification of dignity of the working man.

But at the same time, I wish the hard and honored work of metallurgist were deservingly rewarded. When the proprietors of Ukrainian enterprises are selling metal at world prices, you, dear metallurgists, receive pennies. Today salary of Ukrainian metallurgist is almost three times less than remuneration of the Russian or Polish metallurgist, and almost nine times lower than remuneration of the German metallurgist.

I am sure that our country will not be free and happy until Ukrainian workers receive the deserved reward for their work, until the elite of working class is treated with respect by the state, proprietors of metallurgical enterprises and mines. We know what to fight and strive for.

I am proud of you, of your work, dear metallurgists. Our political force will do its best to make the profession of Ukrainian metallurgist one of the most prestigious in Ukraine. Ukrainian metallurgist who as his Polish, German and Russian colleagues stands near the open-hearth furnace will receive deserved salary for his extremely necessary work.

On the day of your professional holiday from all my heart I wish you stable development of your enterprises, confidence in future, strong health and wealth to your families!

Happiness and peace to you!

Yulia Tymoshenko


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Ministry of Interior Affairs doesn’t wait for Tsushko

Posted by the Editor on July 16, 2007

News / 16 July 2007 | 15:17

Ministry of Interior Affairs doesn’t wait for Tsushko

Ministry of Interior Affairs doesn’t wait for Tsushko

The Ministry of Interior Affairs doesn’t know when Head of their office Vasyl Tsushko will return from Germany, where he received rehabilitation treatment in one of the hospitals.

“I don’t know when the Minister will return,” Head of the press service of the Ministry of Interior Affairs Konstantin Stogny reported, commenting on the information in the mass media about the return of Tsushko.

As a reminder, People’s deputy from the Socialist party Vasyl Bogachuk informed that Tsushko had to return to Ukraine on Monday.


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Chernovetsky to destroy Kyiv culture?

Posted by the Editor on July 16, 2007

News / 16 July 2007 | 15:00

Chernovetsky to destroy Kyiv culture?

Chernovetsky to destroy Kyiv culture?

People’s deputy from BYuT faction Mykola Tomenko blames Kyiv authorities for taking actions that destroy Ukrainian culture. The ForUm’s correspondent informs.

According to Tomenko, today Kyiv loses its status of the capital of Ukrainian education, culture and spirituality. He noted that the team of Kyiv mayor Leonid Chernovetsky started campaign “For Kyiv without Ukrainian culture”. Tomenko noted that such threatening processes started from destroying of historical objects of Kyiv and cancellation of agreements with Kyiv publishing houses, art and culture organizations. Many art galleries, museums and publishers are going to be evicted.

According to Tomenko, despite decrees of the President and resolutions of the Governmnet, the process of closing of art and culture establishments is going on.

Tomenko noted that Kyiv has never faced such threat of destruction and transformation of its culture and historical part as it is now.. It is necessary to defend cultural Kyiv from expansion of Chernovetsky’s team


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Yatsenyuk to visit Brussels

Posted by the Editor on July 16, 2007

News / 16 July 2007 | 14:39

Yatsenyuk to visit Brussels

Yatsenyuk to visit Brussels

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Arseny Yatsenyuk will pay a working visit to Brussels on July 17.

The visit foresees bilateral meetings with EU Commissioner for External Relations Benita Ferrero-Waldner, EU Commissioner for Trade Peter Mandelson and the EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana, UNIAN reports.

In the scope of the meeting Yatsenyuk will discuss the EU-Ukraine relations in view of the forthcoming Tenth EU-Ukraine Summit on September 14, 2007 in Kyiv. In particular, the issues of negotiations over a new enhanced agreement, impending ratification of visa and readmission agreements and settlement in Transdnistria will be discussed. As well as issues concerning the joining of Ukraine the WTO and current development of trade and economic relations between Ukraine and the EU.

Yatsenyuk is also expected to attend the international roundtable on the European Neighborhood Policy that will take place under the auspices of the European Policy Centre.


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