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European Parliament calls Ukrainian politicians to follow agreements

Posted by the Editor on May 31, 2007

News / 31 May 2007 | 15:50

European Parliament calls Ukrainian politicians to follow agreements

European Parliament calls Ukrainian politicians to follow agreements

The European parliament calls the participants of the political process in Ukraine to follow reached agreements on compromise concerning regulation of the political situation. Adrian Severin chairman of the special delegation fo the EP told today at the press conference.

He noted that European deputies came to Ukraine to estimate main point of the joint statement of President, PM and VRU chairman.

He noted that the EU appreciates this statement as it is a result of the political agreements.

According to him, such statement gives guarantees that the parliamentary elections will be transparent and democratic. Moreover, this agreement allows to adopt minimum draft package of laws and norms necessary for the Ukrainian people.

At the same time, Severin noted that the statement is an important step, but still does not highlight reasons that led to the crisis situation in Ukraine. “There are still significant divergences between leaders of the country that is potentially dangerous,” he added.

He also calls all the political and public leaders to complete successfully constitutional reform in order to establish reliable mechanism and to distinguish all branches of power.

Severin expressed readiness of the European Parliament to help Ukraine in case of necessity.

He also noted that nonobservance of reached agreements may lead to serious concequences, influence society attitude and relations between Ukraine and the EU.


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