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Peking to share experience with Ukraine

Posted by the Editor on March 30, 2007

News / 30 March 2007 | 14:40

Peking to share experience with Ukraine

Peking to share experience with Ukraine

Today in the scope of the official visit to People’s Republic China the VR speaker Olexander Moroz met with the Mayor of Peking Van Zishan.

According to the press service of the VRU, during the meeting Moroz gave high appraisal to management experience of such mega polis like Peking and noted the necessity of cultural cooperation between capitals of two countries.

In the scope of the meetings the matter concerned establishment of more tight relations between the countries.

Moroz also noted that it is possible that in 2012 football championship will be held in Ukraine. So he expressed a wish that Peking would share experience on arrangement of such actions (in 2008 Olympic Games will take place in Peking).

In turn the Peking mayor supported Moroz concerning development of interregional relations and scientific-technical, educational and cultural relations between the capitals. He also thanked Ukraine for support of the application of PRC on conduct Olympic games 2008 in Peking.

The Peking mayor also express readiness to share arrangement experience of Olympiad-2008 . Moroz invited Zishan to Kyiv.


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