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Papiyev predicts labour deficit

Posted by the Editor on February 15, 2007

News / 15 February 2007 | 15:50

Papiyev predicts labour deficit

Papiyev predicts labour deficit

The Labour and Social Policy Minister of Ukraine Mykhaylo Papiyev states that in case the State does not pay appropriate attention to payment of labour and social policy, the country will face deficit of qualified labour in the near future. He told today at the press conference.

“The main problem that the country expects in the near future is deficit of qualified labour,” Papiyev said.

Papiyev noted that Ukraine now has lack of metalworker, toolmaker, milling machine operator, turner and welder.

According to Papiyev, Ukraine has lawyers and economists in large excess.

He noted that his department negotiates with the Education Ministry on the question that “the labour market should determine state offer for specialists’ preparation.”

Papiyev noted that the cogent argument to stop flow-out of qualified personnel from the country will be growth of salaries. He considers that salary growth should be determined not by percentages but by times.


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