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Donetsk authorities scale up housing and communal tariffs

Posted by the Editor on September 11, 2006

News / 11 September 2006 | 13:43

Shevchenko Monument in Donetsk

Donetsk authorities scale up housing and communal tariffs

Donetsk City Council has passed a decision to scale up prices for water supply, central heating, sanitation and garbage removal. The majority of the people’s servants (60 out of 67) voted for the proposal in accordance with the official letters of Ukrvtorchermet, Naftogaz’s affiliating company Gaz Ukrainy and Donetsk Regional State Administration.

The prices have been doubled: hot water supply – from UAH 5.63 to UAH 10.87 (UAH 5.05 for $1), 1 sq m of heated area – from UAH 2.54 to UAH 5.10, cold water supply – UAH 0.78 to UAH 1.14.

As a reminder, the minimal pension in Ukraine is UAH 350. Thereby, a lonely pensioner will have to pay at least UAH 180 for heating, gas and water supply of his one-room flat, and to scrape his living for the rest of the sum.


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