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Azarov prepares industrialization of Ukraine

Posted by the Editor on August 31, 2006

News / 31 August 2006 | 12:07

Azarov prepares industrialization of Ukraine

Azarov prepares industrialization of Ukraine

“Following the order of Prime Minister of Ukraine, working groups are developing content blocks of the Government Activity Program for the next 5 years and the program of the social-economic development for 2007,” first vice Prime Minister Mykola Azarov declared on the Cabinet’s meeting.

“This 5-year program practically defines new industrialization of our country. Previous century’s potential has been exhausted. It has to be replaced by modern technologies and we are determining trajectory of economics growth acceleration for the decades to come. Our guiding line is GDP doubling, new technological quality,” the vice minister noted, Cabinet’s press office reported.

“Consequently, we start to realize our country’s modernization project which is included in the coalition agreement of deputies’ fractions, in our pre-election programs,” Mykola Azarov emphasized. “Reformation is never an easy process,” he said.

“But I believe that we will manage this task and our independence, the15th anniversary of which we have celebrated lately, will take second wind as a result of deep economical and social transformation, indicated in the Government Activity Program,” the first vice Prime Minister assured.


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