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Yushchenko calls politicians to stop confrontation

Posted by the Editor on March 31, 2006

News / 31 March 2006 | 15:06

Yushchenko calls politicians to stop confrontation

Yushchenko calls politicians to stop confrontation

President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko considers that parties-winners of the parliamentary elections must stop confrontation, as declared deputy Head of President’s Secretariat Anatoly Matvienko on today’s press conference.

“The President is convinced Ukraine needs two things: continuation of democratic reforms and integration into Europe on the one hand, and overcoming of split in the society on the other,” said Matvienko.

According to him, the first goal may be achieved by formation of coalition of democratic forces in the Parliament. The achievement in the second one needs a work out of forms of an efficient dialogue with all parties, and first of all with BYuT and Party of Regions. These parties should realize the importance of the second problem – overcoming of the split in the society,” added Matvienko.

He noted that to unite these two constituents of the future policy of Ukraine is very difficult, as both “orange” and “white and blue” voters do not perceive the idea of a compromise. “It is the consequence, and political parties should not only answer for this, but to realize and to correct their policy. Keeping confrontation line is a road to nowhere. This is principal position of the President,” declared Matvienko.

He also reported that consultation, held by Yushchenko with the leaders of the parties-winners, will be continued.


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