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Ukraine is in the final stage of WTO accession

Posted by the Editor on March 22, 2006

News / 22 March 2006 | 14:00

Ukraine is in the final stage of WTO accession

Ukraine is in the final stage of WTO accession

Ukraine intends to submit the final working report to WTO secretariat within a month, as reported Arceny Yatsenyuk Economy Minister of Ukraine Wednesday in Brussels.

According to him, Ukrainian party has almost finished bilateral negotiations with counties – WTO members. The Ministry plans to conduct next to last working meeting. “In fact, we are in the final stage,” pointed out Yatsenyuk.

In response to the question about possible date of accession Yatsenyuk said the date is not important for him. “I abandoned to make forecasts of Soviet five-year plans. It may happen (the WTO accession – ed.) then, when the whole democratic machine has reacted to the report,” said he.

The Minister rejected vigorously any influence of elections’ results on economic situation in Ukraine. “The elections will influence political situation in Ukraine. But as for economic one, everything has been worked out long ago. The only thing Ukraine needs is political will of the Parliament,” said he.

In this connection Yatsenyuk expressed hope that after the elections “such will will appear not only while passing necessary WTO legislative acts, but economic reforms as well.”


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