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Ukraine accuses Russia of unethical conduct

Posted by the Editor on March 22, 2006

News / 22 March 2006 | 16:44

Ukraine accuses Russia of unethical conduct

Ukraine accuses Russia of unethical conduct

Foreign Ministry of Ukraine considers Russia’s decision to deliver humanitarian help to Transdniester a propagandistic and provocative action, as declared deputy Foreign Minister Andriy Veselovsky.

He considers that it is a deliberate intention to generated considerable public excitement, as “this subject starts to fade due to absence of any problem.”

According to Veselovsky, the action has “specific timed character”, since the parliamentary elections will be held in Ukraine in several days.

He informed that Ukraine MFA had received a note from Russia Foreign Ministry, which says that in connection with grave social and economic situation in Transdniester it was decided to deliver urgent humanitarian help to the region.

As “RIA Novosty” informed, Russia sent more than 230 metric tons of humanitarian aid Wednesday to the breakaway Moldovan region of Transdniester, an emergencies ministry official said.

“On Wednesday morning a fleet of 23 vehicles carrying humanitarian loads for the population of Transdniester will leave from the Emergency Situations Ministry’s 179th rescue center in Noginsk, Moscow Region,” said Viktor Beltsov, deputy head of the ministry’s information department.

He said the aid was being sent by the United Russia party and the Moscow and Moscow Region governments.

United Russia leader Boris Gryzlov, also speaker of the lower house of parliament, said he hoped “the Ukrainian authorities will not obstruct the movement of the fleet,” a United Russia press release said.

“As a result of Moldova’s actions, backed by Ukraine, the region is facing a humanitarian catastrophe and a serious aggravation of the situation, which could lead to direct conflicts,” Transdniester President Igor Smirnov said in a letter to President Vladimir Putin Tuesday.

Besides, Veselovsky declared that Ukraine had addressed Foreign Ministry of Moldova and asked whether they are aware of the coming humanitarian help from Russia. Moldavian diplomats reported they had received neither notes not other notifications about coming help.

Veselovsky considers it “unethical action” from Russian party.


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