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“Gongadze case” materials recognized as “top secret”

Posted by the Editor on March 22, 2006

News / 22 March 2006 | 15:10

“Gongadze case” materials recognized as “top secret”

State expertise established that Gongadze case materials are among documents with “top secret” stamp, as Irina Hryhoryeva, chairwoman of panel of judges on criminal cases of Appeal Court of Kyiv, informed participants of the trial during today’s next court hearing. She referred to a corresponding document, delivered to the court from a state Interior Ministry expert on secret.

The judge also noted that the expert’s statement itself is a top secret and can not be announced in the court, as not all participants of the trial are authorized for examination of top secret papers.

During the court hearing it was found out that only lawyers of the accused, prosecutor’s office representatives, panel of judges, assessors and escort have access to the first category of top secret documents. Thus, lawyers of Lesya and Miroslava Gongadze should validate this access to take part in further court hearings.

In this connection hearings have been postponed to uncertain term.


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