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US military delegation visits Ukraine

Posted by the Editor on February 28, 2006

News / 28 February 2006 | 12:24

US military delegation visits Ukraine

US military delegation visits Ukraine

Today the National Defence Academy of Ukraine hosts “Rapid Trident-2006” initial planning conference. It regulates the joint US-Ukrainian brigade level command-staff computer exercises.

Brigadier General John Harrell heads the delegation. The envoys of Canadian, German, Belgian, Austrian, Swiss, Greek, Czech, Polish, Latvian, Albanian, Kazakh, Georgian, Kyrgyz, Moldavian, Armenian, Azeri and Russian military delegations take part in the conference.

The main attention of the participants will be paid to the basic documents on planning and conduction of the exercises, forces and funds involved in the project and the general order of all-round provision.

The active stage of the project “Rapid Trident-2006” will be held within the NATO Partnership for Peace (PfP) which is scheduled on July, 2006. It will take place in the National Defence Academy of Ukraine.

The key target of the exercises is to improve concurrency of the HQs and the divisions of the countries, usage of the practical experience gained in the previous exercises and peaceful operations, to intensify cooperation and mutual understanding of the participants.

Unlike “Peace Shield”, this program will be held without participation of the troops. It will be pure command-staff exercises. The exercises will be finished on March, 2.


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