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Poland’s military delegation visits Ukraine

Posted by the Editor on February 28, 2006

News / 28 February 2006 | 15:24

Poland's military delegation visits Ukraine

Poland’s military delegation visits Ukraine

Poland military delegation headed by Defence Minister Sikorsky has arrived in Ukraine, Defence Ministry press service informs.

The consultations were held by Poland Head of the Defence Ministry Radoslav Sikorsky and his Ukrainian counterpart Hrytsenko. The main attention was paid to the prospects of bilateral cooperation in the sphere of defence and multinational projects.

In the course of the meeting the participants discussed the items of medium-term programs of bilateral cooperation and the participation of troops in the multinational projects, such as the formation of Ukraine-Sweden-Poland peacemaking contingent, the coming tactical exercises “Cossack Steppe” and others.

The formation of joint Ukrainian-Polish-Lithuanian peacemaking battalion “UkrPolLitBat” and its possible participation in the international military police battalion were considered by the high military officials.


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