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RosUkrEnergo Company conducted live broadcast presentation

Posted by the Editor on January 31, 2006

News / 31 January 2006 | 16:05

RosUkrEnergo Company conducted live broadcast presentation

RosUkrEnergo Company conducted live broadcast presentation

Yesterday, RosUkrEnergo Company executives conducted live broadcast presentation on “Inter” TV Channel. Konstantin Chuychenko, director of legal department of Gazprom and executive director of RosUkrEnergo, declared that the Company was found July 22, 2004 for purchase and transit of Turkmen gas on Ukrainian market.

“Our Company was registered July 22, 2004 in the form of joint-stock company. Zug, Switzerland, is a place of Company’s incorporation, what is traditional for international trading companies. Shareholders are ‘Raiffeisen bank’ in the person of ‘Raiffeisen Investments’ on the one hand and ‘Gazprombank’ from the other hand. Shareholders own 50% each, and management structure is based on parity principle,” said Chuychenko.

“Founding the Company we determined on openness and transparency. The only thing we underestimated is strength and influence of other mediatorial structures on the market. To date we have corrected our sight and intend to highlight every project of the Company. The proof of this is our live broadcast interview,” declared Oleh Palchikov, director of RosUkrEnergo.

Palchikov also specified the main functions of the joint venture, being formed by RosUkrEnergo and Naftogaz Ukrainy. “The basic functions are accomplishment of balance of gas supply to Ukraine and systematic supply of this gas to Ukraine’s consumers. Actually, that is all, in short,” said Palchikov.

Chuychenko commented on the fact why RosUkrEnergo has become a central unit in the new scheme of gas supply to Ukraine. According to him, RosUkrEnergo has a contract with Gazprom till 2028, according to which Russian gas monopolist assumed obligations to provide transit of Turkmen gas through territory of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Russia. Besides, RosUkrEnergo has contracts both with Naftogaz Ukrainy and Gazprom on purchase of Central Asian gas.


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