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Cabinet is accused of “ostrich policy”

Posted by the Editor on January 31, 2006

News / 31 January 2006 | 14:35

Cabinet is accused of “ostrich policy”

The ban on import of Ukrainian cattle breeding production to the territory of Russia is rather economic issue than political, as declared MP Volodymyr Zubanov, member of Party of Regions’ parliamentary faction “Regions of Ukraine”.

The parliamentarian pointed out that, in his opinion, Cabinet’s representatives traditionally try to find a political constituent in any actions of Russia. “It is an unconcealed ostrich policy and a try to escape from reality of world economy. In actual fact, every country protects its economic interests,” said Zubanov.

As examples he provided Jackson-Vanik amendment in the USA, still not repealed, refusal to sign an agreement on Ukraine’s joining the WTO, many antidumping measures, taken by European countries on Ukrainian metallurgists and chemists. According to Zuban, sanctions, introduced and applied by Russia, should be considered among these cases.



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