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Ukrainians stand against federalization

Posted by the Editor on January 23, 2006

News / 23 January 2006 | 17:58

Ukrainians stand against federalization

Ukrainians stand against federalization

Borys Salahakov, All-Ukrainian Sociological Service Director, reported on the results of recent public opinion poll concerning the possibility of federalization of Ukraine.

“The idea of federalization is the useless political marketing. Judging by the poll, the society does not support idea of federalization,” mentioned Salahakov. Judging by the results of the poll, the unitary state is supported by 53.1% of respondents, the federal state – 23.5%,

The sociologist stressed that the number of supporters of president-parliamentary system increased after the cabinet’s dismissal and gas crisis. “Political elites forget themselves in playing in tactic games on the threshold of the elections. Being full up with anarchy, people long for strong state arm,” said Salahakov.

According to the poll, 43.1% of respondents stand for president-parliamentary, 29.4% – parliamentary-president, 6.5% – parliamentary system, 19.8% – do not give an answer, 0.6% of respondents called other political systems.

2,400 respondents form 16 regions took part in the poll; the possible error is about 2%.


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