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Interview with Victor Yushchenko

Posted by the Editor on December 31, 2005

News / 31 December 2005 | 11:09

Interview with Victor Yushchenko

Interview with Victor Yushchenko

In an interview to Ukrainian leading TV Channel, Victor Yushchenko said in 2006 Ukraine would buy Turkmen gas for USD 50.

“The price of Turkmen gas will be USD 50 and we will receive forty billion cubic meters, which is more than a half of our gas balance for the next year,” he noted, presedential press office reported.

The President added that this “issue was settled during absolutely friendly talks between the Presidents, and in ultimate understanding.”

“Moreover, we have agreed on prices for the next three years. So I would like to say no one can claim that this problem is unsolved,” he stressed.

Speaking about the political reform, which is to come into force January 1, 2006, Victor Yushchenko opined that the reform might cause the unbalanced and inefficient redistribution of powers.

As citizen of Ukraine, the Head of State said “the greatest risk” in this situation was “the delegation of authority to institutions that might inadequately ensure the stability and functioning of the whole state system.”

The President reiterated that he did not want to comment on this reform until January 1 not to provoke his opponents. 

“I want to remind all that I promised [not to resist the reform] and I will keep my promise. Until January 1, there will be no changes in what was approved and should be introduced,” he said, noting that this law should be thoroughly studied at the Constitutional Court.

He also said we might conduct a nationwide referendum to change the law. Yushchenko believes such important issues should “always be approved by common consent.”

“When we do a good thing, it should be done openly, and I am convinced we will find our advocates. If we do it secretly, this will be bad for Ukraine,” he stressed, adding that the “referendum issue will be broached later.”

In an interview Victor Yushchenko also touched the issue of the parliamentary elections. He stressed that all state officials taking part in next year’s campaign would have to take a temporary leave.

“There will be no problems here. You will see government demonstrate its virtues to make the people believe that it will not abuse power…,” he said. “I will do my best [to do it].”

Commenting on the expedience to form a parliamentary coalition now, the President said it was necessary to make the people find their way in “the multi-vector political situation” to understand which aims and values all these parties have.  

The Head of State said political forces should “unite around simple and clear principles to conduct fair elections and to guarantee electoral rights”. He believes these principles should be consistent with different political ideologies.

“We should say: we are Ukrainians and are responsible for conducting fair, transparent, and proper elections,” Yushchenko said.

The Head of State also stressed it “would be very good” if democratic forces “demonstrated beforehand that they would be politically responsible for making the parliamentary majority and introducing new reforms.”    

At the and of his speech Victor Yushchenko said some words about comming holidays. The President hopes to spend a few days of his winter holidays with the family in the Carpathians.

“I would like to take my five children, my wife and seven pairs of skis and to go to Huta in the Carpathians, and to go skiing in that meter-deep snow of the mountains for four or five days,” he said, adding that his schedule was “extremely busy and so holidays are unlikely.”

“I am scheduled to meet with three or four top officials at that time,” he said.

Addressing all viewers, the Head of State wished them Happy New Year and Merry Christmas, “Let this year be happy for each Ukrainian family and each of you. I am convinced we all deserve it.”


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