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Russia to back Yulia Timoshenko

Posted by the Editor on October 22, 2005

News / 22 October 2005 | 13:14

Russia to back Yulia Timoshenko

Russia to back Yulia Timoshenko

The prominent Russian Mass Media were shocked by the news about the new leader of Timoshenko’s election headquarter. Maksim Kavdzharadze the famous Russian politician and businessman will lead Timoshenko’s election campaign in Russia in the coming parliamentary elections in March, 2006, as a source close to ex-Pm of Ukraine reports.

Maksim Kavdzharadze the deputy Chief of Federal Committee on Agrarian Policy and Victor Medvedchuk ex-Head of President’s Administration organized the meeting of Yulia Timoshenko with the Russian General Office of Public Prosecutor on September 23-24, 2005.

During the meeting the Russian General Prosecutor closed the Timoshenko case. Yulia Timoshenko also met influential Russian politicians, reports.



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