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Yushchenko-Timoshenko conflict discredits Ukraine

Posted by the Editor on September 30, 2005

News / 30 September 2005 | 14:49

Yushchenko-Timoshenko conflict discredits Ukraine

Yushchenko-Timoshenko conflict discredits Ukraine

Mutual accusations of Orange revolution leader lead to discredit of government of Ukraine in the world and demoralize Ukrainian society.

It was declared by Zbigniew Brzezinski, former aid on the US national security, during the speech on the Ukraine mature statehood Forum in Washington, September 27.

He named the confrontation between Yushchenko and Timoshenko a suicide and called them to unite for the sake of the state’s future.

Participants of the Forum also discussed economic state of Ukraine and prospect of its membership in NATO and EU.

Rates of economic growth have reduced by four times. Anders Oslung, researcher of Carnegy Fund, named it incredible. The main reason of it is the total re-sale done by Yulia Timoshenko.

British expert James Sherr pointed out the necessity of complex reform inside governmental power of Ukraine. According to Sherr, Poroshenko’s activity as Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council paralyzed power bodies.

Sherr subjected to criticism Ukrainian leadership for reluctance of proper explanatory campaign among Ukrainians concerning the advantages of NATO membership for Ukraine. In Sherr’s opinion, President of Ukraine makes a mistake thinking that NATO will promote itself among Ukrainian people.


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