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Timoshenko promises to raise wages of judges

Posted by the Editor on August 31, 2005

News / 31 August 2005 | 12:31


Timoshenko promises to raise wages of judges

Yulia Timoshenko Ukraine’s PM reckons that to raise judges’ wages by 300-400% is extremely necessary measure.

She pointed out the fact that judge’s average rate of salary amounts 659 hrivna ($131). “Imagine that the very judges advising the cases return to the state ten milliards hrivna,” states Timoshenko.

“Is it possible to scrape one’s living by $100 per month?” asked Timoshenko in the press conference.

PM mentioned that the fight against the corruption should begin from judges’ wages which would give them ability to live not to scrape their living.

During the session the Cabinet plans to pass the resolution concerning judges’ wage. It will be raised in 2006. The State Budget will provide courts with additional funds.

The chairmen of the Supreme Court and the Supreme Economic Court, the Head of Parliamentary Committee on Legal Policy and Secretary of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine will take part in the session.


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