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Lucenko starts “Struggle against bribery” campaign

Posted by the Editor on August 31, 2005

News / 31 August 2005 | 15:06

Lucenko starts “Struggle against bribery” campaign

Ministry of Internal Affairs intends to enhance the struggle against the bribery September-October.

Interior Minister Yuri Lucenko said he ordered to prepare an order concerning “correcting the main tasks of the Department to Fight Organized Crime.” According to the order, the Department will be responsible for struggle against the organized crime and bribery. These functions will not be duplicated by any other subdivisions.

From September 1 MIA will start the “Struggle against bribery” campaign. During the next two months Lutsenko will personally take charge of the work in these two directions.

The Department has already prepared three video clips for broadcasting on TV. The clips call the citizens to inform law machinery about the bribery cases. Besides, one thousand of billboards and one thousand of light boxes all over the territory of Ukraine will be used for social advertising.


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