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Archive for August 25th, 2005

Tarasuk: 20 years of Chernobyl did not benefit the situation

Posted by the Editor on August 25, 2005

News / 25 August 2005 | 17:44

Tarasuk: 20 years of Chernobyl did not benefit the situation

On 7-9 September the conference dedicated to liquidation of consequences caused by Chernobyl will be held in Vienna. Ukraine will represent National Report on Liquidation of Chernobyl Sequences; Boris Tarasuk Exterior Minister of Ukraine states it today during the meeting of Ukraine’s Foreign Diplomatic Establishments.

He pointed out that the report is done by Ministry for Emergency Control and will be represented to Ukrainian Ambassadors in corresponding states of residence.

The target of the report is to show to the world what kind of problems Ukrainian power deal with.

Tarasuk states that during the meeting the ambassadors were given certain commissions concerning assistance for the organization and conducting of conference in Slavutich on this problem. The date is still unknown.

Exterior Minister reported that issue concerning the special session of UNO General Assembly on Chernobyl was under discussion. David Zhvania Minister of Emergency Control will take part in it in April 2006.

Tarasuk added that unfortunately, so many years passed but Chernobyl still has got lots of problems.



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Svyatoslav Piskun speaks about his Department and not only

Posted by the Editor on August 25, 2005

News / 25 August 2005 | 17:03

Svyatoslav Piskun speaks about his Department and not only

Svyatoslav Piskun announced that Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine needs to be re-shaped; especially it touches upon its Department to Fight Organized Crime. He states that officials of the Department must become elite of the Ministry. They must "be a secret agents" and "officers under cover." The essence of the structure is to be secret, well-informed and professional.

He stated that it is necessary to pass the act concerning formation of municipal police. It will not be influenced by local authorities, he is sure of it. "The Prosecutor will keep a municipal policeman within the limits of law," added Piskun.

Svyatoslav Piskun pledged that nobody could influence his department, especially the power. "Neither President nor Poroshenko (Secretary of National Security and Defence Council – ed.) or even Chairman of the Supreme Court cannot influence General Office of Pubkic Prosecutor," stated Piskun.

Concerning the coordination and relations between Interior Ministry, Security Service and his department, Piskun stated that everything is well coordinated and there is nothing to worry about. Commenting on rumors about his argue with Yuri Lucenko Interior Minister of Ukraine, Piskun replied smiling that "what kind of argue may be between Prosecutor and Interior Minister?" But sometimes their opinions are different.

"It is a kind of war between Interior Ministry and General Office of Public Prosecutor since 1927. It is even not war but so-called complicated business relations," explained Piskun.

General Prosecutor is proud of his department’s achievements. According to his data, General Office of public Prosecutor of Ukraine finished investigation of 13,000 criminal cases comparing with 12,000 ones in previous year. 12,194 criminal cases were filed to court, the last year it was equal to 11,893 cases. 391 criminal cases were closed in 2005. 769 economic crimes were investigated. 705 cases concerned corruption comparing with 544 ones in 2004. Organized crimes were investigated 97 times instead of 81 times in 2004. 30 criminals were amnestied but in 2004 they were 34 in number. 240 criminal cases were returned to additional investigation, in 2004 – 249 criminal cases.

So, it can be said that General Office of Public Prosecutor has reached the best indexes for the last decade.


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Rybachuk will appear in British Parliament in September

Posted by the Editor on August 25, 2005

News / 25 August 2005 | 16:19

Rybachuk will appear in British Parliament in September

In the middle of September Eurointegration Minister Oleg Rybachuk plans to speak in British Parliament.

This issue was discussed during working meeting between Rybachuk and Simon Hews, the member of the House of Commons and the chairman of Liberal-democratic Party.

Hews invited Rybachuk to Britain in the middle of September. He also offered Rybachuk to give interviews to the leading British Mass-Media, BBC and "Financial Times." Simon Hews mentioned that "a political season would start in Britain from September 1. This is the very time for politicians and public to know more about Ukraine." Hews underlined that “London supports Ukraine’s Eurointegration course, but there are a certain informational vacuum."

He considers that Ukrainian politicians and other famous Ukrainian figures "must appear in Britain and British press more often. British people should see more Ukrainian faces, which represent Ukraine, should know more about opportunities, which Ukraine can give to Europe."
Rybachuk expressed regret concerning bloody terrorist acts in London one more time and promised to go by subway as a sign of support of Britain’s citizens


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Russia grows tensions with Ukraine

Posted by the Editor on August 25, 2005

News / 25 August 2005 | 16:00

Russia grows tensions with Ukraine

As Monsters&Critics reported, Moscow will stop giving economic perks to Ukraine and two other pro-western neighbors.

The Kremlin announcement that it would rescind Ukraine’s discounts for oil and gas and its “privileged” access to Russian markets came just days after Kiev said it was withdrawing from an economic alliance with Russia and other former Soviet satellites.

Russia will extend its treatment of Ukraine to Georgia and Moldova, both of which also have distanced themselves from Kremlin influence.

A Kremlin spokesman said Russia`s Ukraine privileges “create grounds for ‘Orange Revolutions,’ which change little in people’s lives but bring to power rulers, some of whom are … in the pay of the United States.”


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Kushnaryov’s health condition is getting worse

Posted by the Editor on August 25, 2005

News / 25 August 2005 | 15:34

Kushnaryov’s health condition is getting worse

Evgeny Kushnaryov, ex-head of Kharkov Regional Administration hospitalized after court session on August 19. Today his condition is very grave, the press service of New Democracy Party reported.

Gastrointestinal tract hurts him. His blood test shows low indexes of hemoglobin and blood sugar. The doctors have found that courses of liver disease and other organs are in grave condition. He feels general weakness accompanied by excessive sleepiness and dizziness. There are some features of intoxication appeared: the presence of acetone.

We remind that Kushnaryov has gone on hunger-strike since the moment of his detention on August 17.  


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Piskun liquidates Military Office of Prosecutor

Posted by the Editor on August 25, 2005

News / 25 August 2005 | 14:40

Piskun liquidates Military Office of Prosecutor

General Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine intends to abolish Military Offices, as reported by Prosecutor general Svyatoslav Piskun today on the briefing.

"From Monday we start reformation and will close Military Offices of Prosecutor,"declared Piskun.

He mentioned that "civil prosecutors will examine military cases."

According to Piskun, special Offices of Prosecutor will be introduced, which will have access to military secrets and will investigate these cases.


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Melnichenko gave evidence concerning “Gongadze case”

Posted by the Editor on August 25, 2005

News / 25 August 2005 | 14:28

Melnichenko gave evidence concerning “Gongadze case”

The ex-major of Ukraine’s State Guard, Nickolay Melnichenko, testified in American court in connection with murder of journalist Georgy Gongadze, as reported by Prosecutor General Svyatoslav Piskun.

"Melnichenko was in court yesterday," said Prosecutor on the briefing, having added that the former major had answered all 86 questions, given to American court by General Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine.

As reported before, American court intended to interrogate Melnichenko on July 27, but the court session was postponed to August 24 on Melnichenko’s initiative.


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EU adopts the special control on the Ukrainian boundary

Posted by the Editor on August 25, 2005

News / 25 August 2005 | 14:16

EU adopts the special control on the Ukrainian boundary

EU intends to adopted a special control regime on the Ukraine – Moldova border. The main aim of such a novelty is to shut off the largest on the continent contraband channel.

ICTV informs that for today the boundary, for which the so-called republic of Transdnestriya is responsible, is deprived of any custom control. And it turned out that not only the state budgets of Ukraine and Moldova are suffering, but the economy of EU as well.

Kiev and Kishenev have already agreed for adopting of special monitoring by EU. President of Moldova, Vladimir Voronin, hopes the main factor that contributes to the Transdnestriyan separatism – the economical interests of the International Criminal groupings.


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