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Archive for August 2nd, 2005

Polish drivers kill Ukrainians

Posted by the Editor on August 2, 2005

News / 2 August 2005 | 17:55

Polish drivers kill Ukrainians

Evgeny Chervonenko, Minister of Transport and Communication of Ukraine, charged the traffic inspection department of his Ministry to prepare an appeal to Embassy of Poland. The appeal will ask the Polish side to take appropriate measures for strengthening transport discipline during international truck haulage.

The appeal will be delivered in connection with the fact that traffic accidents through Polish transporters’ fault have become more frequent lately.

As a reminder, on August 1 a driver of a Polish truck had not kept the safe distance and run into a passenger bus in the highway "Kiev – Zhitomir"; the bus driver and two passengers had suffered.

On July 28 ten people, including four children, died and two men were traumatized as a result of gross violation of traffic regulations by another Polish driver in the highway "Lvov – Mostiska."


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Kolesnikov’s freedom is the desert of Americans

Posted by the Editor on August 2, 2005

News / 2 August 2005 | 17:20

Kolesnikov’s freedom is the desert of Americans

Vladimir Zubanov, the deputy of Ukraine stated that Kolesnikov’s release is the direct achievement of American attorneys.

"If they did not come, Kolesnikov would stay in prison. It is clear to everyone that if Kolesnikov were not be released the case would be considered by the International Court. It would be the next hit on Ukraine’s image. Ukrainian law enforcement agencies did not have serious evidences for keeping the man in custody. They demonstrate unprofessional work and did harm to Ukraine’s image in the world. I salute such court decision. It is better late than never."


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US Marines participate in military exercise in Ukraine

Posted by the Editor on August 2, 2005

News / 2 August 2005 | 16:51

US Marines participate in military exercise in Ukraine

1,200 U.S. Marines and naval personnel will participate in a multinational military exercise in the Ukraine’s Black Sea region and Crimean peninsula to improve cooperation among troops from several countries, "Pravda" reported.

The U.S. troops deployment begins Wednesday and will include two ships, the USS Mahan and USS Nashville, and an unspecified number of aircraft that an Embassy statement said are a part of the U.S. Navy’s global anti-terror effort.

The exercise, dubbed Peace Shield 2005, began last month in Kiev with a computer-simulated war game in which staff officers from 22 countries practiced a peacekeeping operation based on the current situation in Iraq.

The second stage of the exercise, which runs until mid-August, "will include … maritime interception operations, damage control techniques, small boat operations, communication and navigation procedures," the statement said.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said that in addition to Ukraine and the United States, the armed forces of Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania and Turkey were participating in Peace Shield 2005.

Ukrainian troops are serving in peacekeeping missions in Kosovo, Lebanon, Georgia, Congo, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Liberia and Moldova. Ukraine is withdrawing its 1,650-strong contingent from Iraq, where it served as part of the U.S.-led coalition.

Ukraine’s navy also said recently it will send a ship to a NATO-led anti-terrorist force that patrols the Mediterranean, the AP reports.


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Supreme Court of Ukraine needs international support

Posted by the Editor on August 2, 2005

News / 2 August 2005 | 16:20

Supreme Court of Ukraine needs international support

Supreme Court of Ukraine (SCU) aims to provide law in the state, to defend independence of judicial system, to ground citizens in lawful culture; and the Court needs the support of international structures.

It was declared by SCU Chairman, Vasily Malyarenko, during the meeting with OSCE Project – Co-ordinator in Ukraine, James Shoemaker, on August 2.

The sides discussed the relevant issues of judicial-legal reform in Ukraine, problems of judicial power independence, determined the directions of further cooperation between Supreme Court and OSCE Project – Co-ordinator office in Ukraine.

Malyarenko told about the structure and functions of Supreme Court, its place and role in judicial system and state power system. SCU Chairman gave propositions concerning training and raising the level of judges’ skill. In his opinion, training seminars, experience exchange and discussion of concrete legislative acts could be very useful for Ukrainian side.

James Shoemaker thanked SCU Chairman and said that all propositions and requests of Ukrainian side would be represented in the programs the OSCE Project – Co-ordinator office in Ukraine works with.


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The son of President of Ukraine gains millions by Orange symbols

Posted by the Editor on August 2, 2005

News / 2 August 2005 | 15:47

The son of President of Ukraine gains millions by Orange symbols

The copyrights on Orange symbols (horse-shoe, flags and other things with the slogan "Tak!" (Ukrainian "yes") belongs to Andrey Yushchenko, the son of President of Ukraine. All incomes from the sale and usage of Orange symbols belong to Yushchenko-junior as well. Nikolay Katerinchuk, the deputy Chief of State Tax Administrationof Ukraine stated this fact during the interview to newspaper Kommersant.

According to his words, he gave copyright to the son of President of Ukraine. "It happened after the victory in the third round of presidential elections. The assignation of the copyright was juridical arranged by notaries. It belongs to Andrey Yushchenko now. Why was I registered as a brand owner? It was the decision of Yushchenko’s electoral headquarter and I was the head of juridical block of it," stated Katerinchuk.

Besides, the Orange theme is widely used till now and Orange goods cost pretty money. For example Orange flag with slogan "Tak!" costs from 5 to 20 UAH ($1-4) – it is 10% of average Ukrainian pension. So, if an old man decides to present ten his old friends with such flags he must spend all his monthly income given by the state.

Experts puzzle to fix definitely an income from the copyright but they state that it is pretty big money. According to Yuri Kogutyak, the co-founder of advertisement holding Euro RSGG& Partners, the brands of Yushchenko’s campaign cost about $100 million.

As it became known, Yaroslav Lesyuk, author of Orange symbols, refused to comment on the subject by ethic considerations.

Besides, Irina Gerashchenko, presidential press secretary states that the registration of Orange symbols was done for the sake of juridical protection and there was not any intention to use Orange as a source of commercial interest.


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Rizak will stay in custody till September 12

Posted by the Editor on August 2, 2005

News / 2 August 2005 | 14:51

Rizak will stay in custody till September 12

Zakarpatye Court of Appeal has decided to prolong the keeping of Ivan Rizak, Zakarpatye ex-Governor, in custody.

Commenting on the decision of the court, Rizak’s attorney mentioned that it had completely political character. "The court completely ignored data given by attorneys and put a verdict based on prosecutor’s assumptions and conjectures. The prosecutor’s speech could not be even put to a criticism. The prosecutor gave an estimation of testimonies, which is strictly prohibited to do, but the judge pretended not to hear it," stated Rizak’s attorney.

We remind that the criminal case against Ivan Rizak was instituted in accordance with the following articles of Criminal Code of Ukraine: abuse of power, bribery and driving to suicide.


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Kinakh to support Chernobyl victims

Posted by the Editor on August 2, 2005

News / 2 August 2005 | 14:10

Kinakh to support Chernobyl victims

The first vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Anatoly Kinakh points out the necessity to improve state policy concerning support of Chernobyl disaster victims.

He declared about it opening the first session of organizational committee charged with preparation and conducting the 20th anniversary of Chernobyl catastrophe.

"First of all, it is needed to improve state policy from the point of view of social support of citizens," said the first vice PM. He underlined that about 100 thousand participants of liquidation of Chernobyl accident consequences are recognized and invalids. Besides, people’s health on polluted territory is getting worse. Peoples suffer lungs disease, hematosis disease; there is an increase of oncological pathologies.

According to Kinakh’s data, about 3.4 thousand square km of Ukrainian territory are polluted with strontium-90 and caesium-137.

Today it is planned to develop a plan of the main measures.


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Agrarians conduct a siege of Yushchenko’s summer cottage

Posted by the Editor on August 2, 2005

News / 2 August 2005 | 13:00

Agrarians conduct a siege of Yushchenko’s summer cottage

For the third week agrarians continue to picket the summer cottage of President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko in Konche-Zaspe near Kiev.

The workers of the state farm "Sovky" of agrarian complex "Pushcha Voditsa", retirees and former employees of agrarian complex "Nasha Ukraina" (Our Ukraine) are forced to address President for the second time with the appeal concerning the grant of land shares.

The demonstrators placed camp city, where there are shower, toilet and other conditions.

As a reminder, Yushchenko met with agrarians on July 8, promised to solve the problem and issued a corresponding edict.

The participants of the action declare that the edict is not carried out by officials of State committee on land resources and by the Kiev city state administration.


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