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System Capital Management unveils international corporate communications campaign aimed to promote Ukrainian business

Posted by the Editor on July 30, 2005

News / 30 July 2005 | 11:21

System Capital Management unveils international corporate communications campaign aimed to promote Ukrainian business

System Capital Management (SCM) unveiled an international corporate communications campaign that will highlight the breadth and depth of the company’s assets as well as its commitment to Ukraine as it moves toward fuller integration with the global economy, ITnews reported.

Speaking at the press conference on July 27th, SCM General Director, Igor Prasolov said: "SCM is at the forefront of Ukraine’s effort to integrate our country into the European and international community. Today, we began a campaign that will put Ukraine and SCM’s story of rapid progress on to the world stage. We are letting people know that SCM is a substantial Ukrainian company with world-class management standards and global ambitions.

"This campaign is one of the means we will use to ensure that everybody in Ukraine, Europe and the United States has a better understanding of what we do and the importance of SCM and our region to the Ukraine economy."

The campaign, launched on 27th July during a press reception in Kiev, will begin with advertisements in publications including The Wall Street Journal, the Economist, the Financial Times, the Washington Post and Newsweek (beginning on 29th July 2005). The ads will also run in Ukraine media from 1st August 2005.

"We are excited about our role in promoting Ukraine’s business success. Our advertising and the company’s new web site – they capture the spirit and the drive that has made SCM one of Ukraine’s leading companies," Natalia Izosimova, SCM Director of Company Restructuring, said. "Importantly, the campaign is focused on the future, the future of our country and the future of the company."
The campaign also includes a television commercial that will run in Ukraine and European television from 22nd August.


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