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Theatre of Russian Drama never damaged the state

Posted by the Editor on June 30, 2005

News / 30 June 2005 | 12:40

Theatre of Russian Drama never damaged the state

The last revision has been finished in Theatre of Russian Drama in the name of Lesia Ukrainka.

According to the Honoured artist of Ukraine Kiril Kashlikov, the examination was conducted by General Office of Public Prosecutor, Tax inspection and Department on struggle with economic corruption and Control-Revising Department (CRD).

CRD did not find any prove of violations in the activity of Theatre of Russian Drama.

Kashlikov also reminded that Goloseevsky district court decided that there were no financial violations in the theatre. "Theatre’s activity never damaged the state," pointed out the artist.

We remind, the minister of culture and art of Ukraine, Oxana Biloxir, reported that the general director of National academic Theatre of Russian drama in the name of Lesia Ukrainka, Mikhail Resnikovich was dismissed from his post on April 19 for gross violation of order of renting settled real estate.

On April 20 General Office of Public Prosecutor established that the director of the theatre signed a contract with a bogus company of tenancy with a right of privatization of a three-storey theatre dormitory for the period of 25 years, not having got a permit for transfer. The criminal case had been instituted.


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