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Archive for June 20th, 2005

Mexican president urges visa-free travel with Ukraine

Posted by the Editor on June 20, 2005

News / 20 June 2005 | 17:40

Mexican president urges visa-free travel with Ukraine

The visa regime between Ukraine and Mexico needs to be simplified, the presidents of the two countries, Viktor Yushchenko and Vicente Fox Quesada, believe. Up until now, it has been problematic for Mexican citizens to obtain Ukrainian visas. The Mexicans say they had to wait for months for permission to enter Ukraine, Monster&Critics reported.

The two presidents signed an accord simplifying the visa regime primarily for diplomats, scientists, students, journalists and culture workers.

Fox Quesada, however, is convinced that it is necessary to strive for a complete abolition of the visa regime between the two countries.

"It is necessary to solve the issue of easing the migration regime as quickly as possible, in other words, to achieve visa-free travel between the two countries," said Fox Quesada.


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Falsifiers have been sentenced

Posted by the Editor on June 20, 2005

News / 20 June 2005 | 13:12

Falsifiers have been sentenced

Kiev Court sentenced two persons to three and four years of imprisonment, who voted using forged register certificates.

"The 5th channel" reported that Office of Public Prosecutor of Goloseevsky district of Kiev delivered three criminal cases to court.

In particular, criminal proceedings were instituted against the persons, who used forged register certificates during presidential elections-2004 and voted several times on different polling district of Kiev.

During the processing of cases, the accused acknowledged their guilt and reported that they decided on forgery having seduced by remuneration in the amount of 50-100 UAH ($10-20).


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The EU-Ukraine Action Plan

Posted by the Editor on June 20, 2005

News / 20 June 2005 | 12:34

The EU-Ukraine Action Plan

Relations between the EU and Ukraine have not only taken a giant step forward politically since the successful culmination of the Orange Revolution, but equally important, I think, has been the dramatic change in the ‘legal’ relationship between the EU and Ukraine. On February 21 of this year the EU-Ukraine Cooperation Council signed into law the EU-Ukraine Action Plan, a treaty designed to kick-start the fulfillment of previous goals that have been sitting on ice for more than 10 years since the signing of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement by the former leaders of Ukraine and the EU, Warsaw Business Journal Online reported.

The Action Plan prioritizes the goals to be achieved by Ukraine in the areas of political, economic and legislative reform. The goals, if implemented, would prepare Ukraine for EU membership, despite the fact that EU leaders have gone out of their way to state that the Action Plan itself is not a ticket to EU membership. In reality, the goals stipulated in the Action Plan closely mirror the criteria that Poland and other new EU member states had to satisfy in order to gain EU admission.

Achievement of these goals provides an opportunity not only for Ukraine, but also for Polish investors. In particular, the Action Plan calls for the eventual creation of a free-trade area between the EU and Ukraine, including the elimination of all export and import restrictions, customs duties and liberalization of the steel sector. Moreover, the Action Plan calls on Ukraine to finally implement privatization on a large scale in a transparent manner, permitting foreign investors to participate in such privatizations on an equal basis with domestic investors. The Action Plan sets as a goal the harmonization of Ukrainian law with that of the EU, including penal, civil and commercial regulations.

Some of the goals set forth in the Action Plan are the very same goals that the EU itself has not been able to achieve. For instance, the Action Plan obligates Ukraine to gradually ensure the free movement of goods, capital and services between itself and the EU. Currently Polish professionals and other service providers (as well as those professionals from other new member states) face restrictions in providing services in most of the original 15 member states, with Ireland and the United Kingdom being two notable exceptions.

With respect to transport and energy, the Action Plan sets forth specific goals, the fulfillment of which provides opportunities to Polish business. Most notably, the European Investment Bank is now tasked with the mandate to help provide financing on infrastructure improvements, including but not limited to the extension of Pan-European transportation corridors into Ukraine and development of the Odessa-Brody-Płock oil pipeline. The Action Plan stresses in particular that the Ukraine-Poland Agreement should be further implemented.

The Action Plan, in its current form, is scheduled to last for three years, following which a review of the progress achieved to date will be assessed by both sides. Depending on the degree of success in achieving the goals of the Action Plan by the end of this period, Ukraine may very well be on its way to being invited to open formal accession negotiations with the EU.


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Yushchenko approved the structure of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine (NSDCU)

Posted by the Editor on June 20, 2005

News / 20 June 2005 | 11:47

Yushchenko approved the structure of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine (NSDCU)

The text of the corresponding decree of June 16, was published on the official site of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

The staff of the NSDCU apparatus amounts 281 officials, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

The apparatus consists of the NSCDU secretary, his first assistant and asistants; the first deputy of the head of the apparrtus and the deputies; state-legal service; the service of the NSCDU secretary; the commission of experts; the control department; the department of the strategy; the service of the first assistant secretary and the assistants’ service; the departments of the foreign, economic, social and ecology security; departments of the internal and state security; the departments of the military security, the security of the information, analitical and technical support.    


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Mexican president visits Ukraine to boost business ties

Posted by the Editor on June 20, 2005

News / 20 June 2005 | 10:47

Mexican president visits Ukraine to boost business ties

Mexican President Vicente Fox arrived in Kiev Sunday for a two-day visit with focus on boosting business ties between the two countries.

Fox, accompanied by a group of Mexican business leaders, met with Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, Prime Minister Julia Timoshenko and parliament speaker Vladimir Litvin, Xinhua News reported.

After the visit to Ukraine, the Mexican president will travel to Russia for a two-day visit, the first by a Mexican president since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

In Moscow, Fox is scheduled to hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin and other officials as well as business leaders.


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