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Vladimir Litvin

Posted by the Editor on June 19, 2005

Political files / 19 June 2005 | 18:59

Vladimir Litvin

Vladimir Litvin was born in 1956. Graduated Kiev state University, historical faculty.Upheld Ph.D. thesis “Activity of Communist Party of Ukraine in improvement of professors’ training of social disciplines” (1966-1975), thesis for a Doctor’s degree “Political arena of Ukraine: characters and performers (social and political development of Ukraine in the latter half of 90th)” (1995).

In 1978-1986 and 1991-1994 he lectured in Kiev University.

1986-1989 – the head of Ministry department of high and secondary special education of Ukraine.

In 1989-1991 Litvin worked in apparatus of Central Committee of Communistic Party of Ukraine.

From August 1994 – the assistant of the president. From November 1995 – the deputy head of presidential Administration of Ukraine. From September 1996 – the first assistant of the president of Ukraine. From November 1999 – the head of Administration of the president of Ukraine.

In November 21, 1999 Vladimir Litvin was elected to be the member of National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine.

Litvin is a Doctor of History, the member-correspondent of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (department of history, philosophy and law), honoured man of science and engineering of Ukraine.

In opinion of analysts, Litvin is not ambitious; his political position is pro-Western, though he is not Yushchenko’s supporter.

Vladimir Litvin headed the election bloc “Za Edinuyu Ukrainu” (For Common Ukraine), which was joined by Party of Regions, Labour Ukraine and other parties.

Litvin has been the chairman of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine since May 28, 2002.


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