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Archive for June 17th, 2005

“Mini-Davos”: Ten steps for Ukrainian power to improve country’s economics

Posted by the Editor on June 17, 2005

News / 17 June 2005 | 17:25

“Mini-Davos”: Ten steps for Ukrainian power to improve country’s economics

The participants of Extraordinary Roundtable of "World Economic Forum" in Kiev proposed to the Ukrainian power ten urgent steps for improvement of investment climate of the country.

The founder and executive director of WEF, Klaus Schwab reported about it on the press-conference.

First of all it was proposed to pass all legislative acts, necessary for joining WTO, till the beginning of the summer parliamentary holidays.

The second step is to form subdivisions of specialists at the highest level, directly under the prime minister or the president of Ukraine. The subdivisions are to support foreign investors.

Thirdly, it was proposed to introduce the new procedure of registration of business enterprises on the principle of "single window."

The fourth step provides for abolishing of excess and reserved regulatory acts.

The fifth one is to abolish Economic Code and to pass package reforms on commercial law in order to escape vagueness concerning lawful consequences.

Forum’s participants consider that passing of the law on securities should become the sixth step.

The seventh one – to introduce international standards of accounting and audit.

The eighth step is the reformation of taxation system. In particular, it means to reduce the social taxes by 20%, to reduce the profits tax, to reconsider the VAT, to envisage the compensatory payment for the losses concerning the abolition of free economic zone and to introduce custom taxes.

The ninth step is to improve the management skills and business experience. 

The tenth step is the struggle with corruption by means of formation of "black registers" of companies, which were exposed as bribe takers; designation according to the professional skills without any political context; raise wages for states employees; transparent state purchase and promulgation of authorities’ wages.

Besides, Forum’s participants call the Ukrainian authorities to stop the discussion about originality of the state’s economic development. "Stop the discussion concerning the fact that Ukraine differs from other countries and needs specific Ukrainian decision for every problem," read the recommendations of Roundtable participants.
Schwab reported that these propositions would be delivered to the president of Ukraine, Victor Yushchenko, today.


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Yushchenko and Ruutel will exchange by the specialists

Posted by the Editor on June 17, 2005

News / 17 June 2005 | 16:40

Yushchenko and Ruutel will exchange by the specialists

Ukrainian president, Viktor Yushchenko, and Estonian president, Arnold Ruutel, agreed on exchange of IT specialists.

They discussed Ukraine-Estonia relations and pointed out the fact of the necessary development of the cooperation between all power ranks.

In the course of discussion the question of integration in EU was under run. Ruutel proposed Estonian support in order Ukraine to succeed in the Program "Ukraine-EU." Estonia is ready to give the possibilities for the probation period of specialists, to consult the questions of brining Ukrainian legislation to European standards, to share the experience of reforms in the different spheres of economy, UNIAN reported.

Ukrainian minister of foreign affairs, Boris Tarasuk, and the first assistant state secretary of Ukraine, Alexander Motsyk, also took part in the meeting.


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The chief financier of “Ukrzaliznitsa” has been arrested

Posted by the Editor on June 17, 2005

News / 17 June 2005 | 16:00

The chief financier of “Ukrzaliznitsa” has been arrested

Pechersky district court of Kiev granted the petition of General Office of Public Prosecutor (GOPP) and decided to choose arrest as a preventive punishment for the head of financial and economic department of "Ukrzaliznitsa" (the state railway department), his deputy and the president of the joint-stock commercial bank "Ukrgazbank," reported the press-service of GOPP.

According to data from the press-service, the detained were involved in embezzlement of almost 300 million UAH, "Interfax-Ukraine" reported.

Pechersky district court made such decision taking into consideration the fact that the detained intended to hide from justice.


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Yushchenko to take part in Economic Forum in Gdansk

Posted by the Editor on June 17, 2005

News / 17 June 2005 | 15:43

Yushchenko to take part in Economic Forum in Gdansk

On June 30 – July 1 the president of Ukraine, Victor Yushchenko, will be in Poland and take part in Economic forum, which will take place in Gdansk.

According to the press-secretary of the president, Irene Gerashchenko, it will be the eighth Economic Summit of Ukraine and Poland.


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Ternopol NSNU begins lustration

Posted by the Editor on June 17, 2005

News / 17 June 2005 | 15:10

Ternopol NSNU begins lustration

Ternopol regional organization "Narodny Soyus ‘Nasha Ukraina" (People’s Union ‘Our Ukraine’) (NSNU) will conduct the lustration in order to get rid of members that compromised themselves, the chief of Ternopol regional organization NSNU, Oleg Gumenyuk, reported coming out in the public.
"When the party was formatting, we did not have time to check all comers. Besides, the presidium did not demand it in that time," said Gumenyuk explaining the reason of the lustration. According to the new condition, the comer must have the recommendation of two members.

He assured of obligatory expel of compromising members from the party. It concerns those who connected with previous power and made shady deals in the elections.

The lustration will be conducted by the chiefs of primary and regional organizations NSNU, UNIAN reported.

We remind that constituent congress NSNU took place on March 5. Viktor Yushchenko was elected to be the Honorary Head of NSNU.


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Parliament of Ukraine to prohibit nepotism

Posted by the Editor on June 17, 2005

News / 17 June 2005 | 14:43

Parliament of Ukraine to prohibit nepotism

The people’s deputy of Ukraine, the member of faction SDPU (u) (Social Democratic Party of Ukraine united), Igor Shurma introduced a bill on prohibition of nepotism (relationship of godparents).

According to data from official site of Verkhovna Rada, the bill 7674 has been registered on June 16. However, the text of the bill is inaccessible.

We remind, the chairman of National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, Petr Poroshenko, and the minister of culture and tourism, Oxana Bilozir, are godfather and godmother of Yushchenko’s children.


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Embassy of Georgia will appear in Ukraine, Kiev

Posted by the Editor on June 17, 2005

News / 17 June 2005 | 14:25

Embassy of Georgia will appear in Ukraine, Kiev

The presidents of Ukraine and Georgia laid the symbolic capsule of foundation of the future Embassy of Georgia in Ukraine, in Kiev.

Saying the greeting words, Victor Yushchenko has admitted that he speaks about Ukrainian-Georgian relations very easily.

"Relations of our sister nations have a long tradition of partnership in economic sphere as well as in humanitarian one. As the head of the country, I want to assure my friend Mikhail Saakashvilli that Ukrainian side will do its best to develop these relations and to make them clear and wholesome," said the Ukrainian president.

In his turn, the president of Georgia thanked Yushchenko for the given possibility to have Embassy of Georgia in Ukraine.

The minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Boris Tarasuk, the ambassador of Georgia in Ukraine, Grigol Katamadze, the Kiev mayor, Alexander Omelchenko, representatives of diplomatic corps and clergy also took part in the ceremony.


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Sivkovich to expel Herbst from Ukraine

Posted by the Editor on June 17, 2005

News / 17 June 2005 | 13:54

Sivkovich to expel Herbst from Ukraine

The deputy of Ukraine, Vladimir Sivkovich, reckons that American ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary in Ukraine, John Herbst, should be expelled from Ukraine according to the article of the Vienna Convention saying about interference into internal affairs of foreign state. It was announced in the interview for "2000" newspaper.

"It is necessary to initiate Herbst’s expel from Ukraine with the help of Verkhovna Rada’s committees on foreign affairs and national security. He abused the Vienna Convention and interfered into internal affairs of our state," stated Sivkovich.

Such was his reaction on the record of talk between Svyatoslav Piskun and John Herbst that was published in the World Wide Web, the press service of Sivkovich informed.

"The request to United States Congress should be sent as well as to the committee on foreign affairs in order to investigate Herbst’s activity in Ukraine," added Sivkovich.

We remind that on June 8, the criminal case concerning the illegal bagging of Piskun-Herbst talks was introduced and sent to the Investigation Committee of Security Service of Ukraine.


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