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Archive for May 23rd, 2005

The official of National Security Service has been beaten by students

Posted by the Editor on May 23, 2005

News / 23 May 2005 | 18:00

The official of National Security Service has been beaten by students

The official of National Security Service, 37 years old was beaten by two men in Nauchnaya Street in Lvov.

According to law machinery’s information, the robbers bereaved of victim’s money (100 UAH) and then disappeared. The victim was hospitalized, "Obkom" reported.

The CID officials established the robbers’ identities and arrested them. The officials of CID found out that the robbers were the students. The criminal investigation is carried out.


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Tomenko wants to analyze the political advertisements

Posted by the Editor on May 23, 2005

News / 23 May 2005 | 17:30

Tomenko wants to analyze the political advertisements

The vice-prime minister for Humanitarian Affairs Nickolay Tomenko is initiating an analysis of the political advertisements that are placed in the mass information media during election campaigns, "Ukrainian News" reported.

Tomenko announced this at a roundtable conference dedicated to the operations of state and communal mass media during election campaigns.

According to Tomenko, political advertisements in the mass media frequently contain incitements to inter-ethnic enmity and violate moral and ethical norms.

At the same time, according to him, nobody bears responsibility for the content of such advertisements and the mass media has no right to refuse to broadcast such advertisements.

"Someone should provide some sort of evaluation," he said.

In connection with this, Tomenko is initiating inclusion of experts in the Central Electoral Commission so that they can analyze political advertisements at the request of the mass media to determine whether they violate moral norms or incite enmity.

Tomenko also stressed the need to change the system of management and the status of state-owned mass media to ensure that the founders of such media organizations exert no pressure on them.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, representatives of then-presidential candidate Viktor Yuschenko repeatedly reported anti-Yuschenko campaign materials in the mass media during the 2004 Ukrainian presidential elections.

During the October-November period of 2004, several Ukrainian said that they intended to operate honestly and broadcast full, verified, and unbiased information.

In late October, 38 journalists, editors, and presenters with the Inter, ICTV, Novyi Kanal, NTN, Tonis, and 1+1 television channels signed a statement in which they undertook to honestly cover the Ukrainian presidential elections.

Other journalists later signed the statement.

The next parliamentary elections are scheduled for March 2006.


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Ukraine and Single Ecomonic Area

Posted by the Editor on May 23, 2005

News / 23 May 2005 | 17:00

Ukraine and Single Ecomonic Area

Ukraine will take part in SEA formation, said the first vice-prime minister of Ukraine, Anatoly Kinakh commenting on the results of the Economic Council of CIS meeting, taking place in Moscow today.

“The formation of the free trade area is the unique possibility to form the favorable conditions for the trade cooperation, to create new working places and to increase profits to the state budget. The first phase of SEA formation – creation of free trade area – is very important for Ukraine," pointed out Kinakh.


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Teacher is accused of anti-Semitism

Posted by the Editor on May 23, 2005

News / 23 May 2005 | 16:30

Teacher is accused of anti-Semitism

The criminal case was instituted against the teacher of Ukrainian working in Nesvatkovskaya school, in Kirovograd region.

He is accused of violation of equality of rights concerning the race, the nationality and religion, "UNIAN" reported.

The press secretary of Kirovograd region public prosecutor, Natalya Alekseenko, informed that during the lesson of Literature the teacher of Ukrainian, 48 years old expressed his tactless opinion about the national minority (Jews) in the presence of pupils.

Alekseenko reported that in response to the pupil’s question about who Jew is, he said: "Jews, boys and girls, are bad and impudent people. They sit in our school, grumble and only fill place. They have to be annihilated; there should be no place for them among people."

The press secretary added that the philologist had repeatedly called the teacher of Foreign Literature a "Yid."

According to Alekseenko’s words, the case is under the Office of Public Prosecutor control. The criminal case was instituted according to the article 161, part 1of Criminal Code of Ukraine.



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Norwegians will referee the final match of the Ukraine’s Cup

Posted by the Editor on May 23, 2005

News / 23 May 2005 | 16:00

Norwegians will referee the final match of the Ukraine’s Cup

The final match of the Ukraine’s Cup – "Dynamo" against "Shakhter" – , which is to be held on May 29, will be umpired by the team of referees from Norway headed by Terrie Harve, reported.

The 39-year old Terrie Harve will be assisted by two line referees Steinar Holvic and Ole-Herman Borgan respectively. The fourth referee will be appointed a bit later by the Norwegian Football Union that takes part in the UEFA Program of Referees Exchange.

The referee exchange between two countries also includes reverse step – in the end of May the Ukrainian team of referees will be invited to umpire the match between the teams of the first division of the Norwegian soccer championship.


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Ukraine is not going to rival Russia

Posted by the Editor on May 23, 2005

News / 23 May 2005 | 15:30

Ukraine is not going to rival Russia

Ukraine does not want Russia to be a strong rival in the space-rocket market and hopes to become partners, said the first vice-premier of Ukraine Anatoly Kinakh in the meeting with Russian representatives of manufacturers and entrepreneurs. 

"We consider the space-rocket complex of Ukraine as the priority one. We will raise the status of National Space-rocket Agency," added Kinakh.  

The first vice-premier of Ukraine also informed that corresponding ministries and departments of Ukraine are considering the signing of new Ukrainian-Russian agreement about the supply of Ukrainian piping to Russia.

Such agreement between two countries functioned up to December 31, 2004.

"I will try to expedite the signing of new agreement, because we are interested in it as strong as Russia," added Kinakh.


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Yuriy Lucenko

Posted by the Editor on May 23, 2005

Political files / 23 May 2005 | 15:05

Yuriy Lucenko

Lucenko has a degree in electrical engineering.  Starting from 1994, he was the deputy head of the Rovno District Council.  From 1996, he was the head of the economics committee of the Rovno district governmental administration. 

From September 1997 to September 1998, Lucenko was the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology. 

From September 1998 to April 1999, he was the Assistant to Prime Minister of Ukraine. 

From April 1999 to April 2002, Lucenko was the assistant-consultant of the national deputy Aleksandr Moroz.  Starting from September 2000, he was one of the leaders of the movement “Ukraine without Kuchma.” 

In April 2002, Lucenko became the national deputy of the Fourth Assembly, running on the ballot of the Socialist Party of Ukraine. At this time, he also became a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Construction, Transportation, Housing, and Communication. 
At this time, he is the Minister of Internal Affairs. 


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Piskun will visit Rizak personally

Posted by the Editor on May 23, 2005

News / 23 May 2005 | 15:01

Piskun will visit Rizak personally

The prosecutor general of Ukraine, Svyatoslav Piskun, declared that he intends to visit personally the Uzhgorod city and the detained ex-governor of Transcarpathian region, Ivan Rizak, tomorrow.

Piskun also declared that he invites journalists, representatives of Ministry of public health care of Ukraine and international experts to check the health state of Rizak together.


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