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New facts in “Kolesnikov’s case”

Posted by the Editor on May 6, 2005

News / 6 May 2005 | 16:04

New facts in “Kolesnikov’s case”

Andrey Fedur, the advocate of the head of Donetsk regional council Boris Kolesnikov, is sure as before that his client is kept in jail illegally.

On today’s press-conference Fedur declared about some new fact, about which he came to know not from the investigative group. In particular, Kolesnikov never bought share stocks from the citizen Boris Penchuk, who is "a victim" in this case, and who is the initiator of the "Kolesnikov’s case" according to the investigation. Fedur added that Penchuk is still one of the biggest stockholders of Trade Center "Beliy Lebed" (he owns 10%).

Fedur pointed out that Kolesnikov bought stocks of Vladimir Penchuk (father of Boris Penchuk) and his wife. Kolesnikov also purchased stock from other stockholders, and none of them complained.

Besides, Fedur underlined that Kolesnikov did not buy stocks personally, but gave commissions to a company, specialized in stock trade, to draw up all the documents.

The advocate also reported that Kolesnikov possessed the stocks only for a few months and then sold them due to absence of Investment Income.  


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