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Commission of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine invites Bilozir and Baloga for interrogation

Posted by the Editor on May 6, 2005

News / 6 May 2005 | 09:29

Commission of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine invites Bilozir and Baloga for interrogation

The member of Commission of VR of Ukraine, Mikhail Dobkin reported that the minister of culture and tourism, Oxana Bilozir, and the chairman of Transcarpathian regional state administration, Victor Baloga, are invited for interrogation to the temporal investigative commission charged with violation of human rights and liberties.

According to Dobkin the commission session will take place on May 10 in connection with investigation of the fact of mass dismissions for political motives.

As Dobkib declared, "in the course of investigation of mass dismissions of citizens in connection with their political views, the numerous facts, argumentative of acts of psychological pressure and lustration against dissidents, became known."

"I have statements of people, dismissed for being a member of SDPU (u) (Social Democratic Party of Ukraine (united) – ed.), or for not supporting Yushchenko during presidential elections," said the deputy.

"Having examined the facts, our commission decided to interrogate the people involved in illegal oppression of citizens. In this case we have some questions exactly to Bilozir and Baloga," added Dobkin.


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