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Bodelan’s congratulations – respect or mockery

Posted by the Editor on May 6, 2005

News / 6 May 2005 | 12:30

Bodelan’s congratulations – respect or mockery

The former mayor of Odessa Ruslan Bodelan, for whom an international search was called, congratulated the citizens of Odessa with the 60th anniversary of the victory in WWII by a telegram.

This congratulation was spread by the press-service of the city organization of Party of Regions, which is headed by Bodelan.

This telegram is treated ambiguously. The supporters of the ex-mayor are sure that Bodelan has demonstrated his respect to the city. From the other side, many citizens consider it as a mockery at law machinery.

We remind, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in accordance with the decision of the Office of Public Prosecutor of Odessa called an international search for the former city chairman of Odessa Ruslan Bodelan.


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