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An intergovernmental search is called for Shcherban

Posted by the Editor on May 6, 2005

News / 6 May 2005 | 13:19

An intergovernmental search is called for Shcherban

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in accordance with the decision of the Office of Public Prosecutor of Sumskaya region called an intergovernmental search for the former head of Sumy regional state administration, Vladimir Shcherban.

Zarechny local court of the Sumy city gave its consent to arrest V.Shcherban and to deliver him to Ukraine.

As the Department of public contacts reported to ForUm, a criminal action was brought against Shcherban according to the article 189, part 2 and the article 365, part 1 of Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The ex- governor of Sumy is accused of extortion of assignation or right to property using his official position, with a threat of murder, which caused property damage, and of abuse of power or official position. Commitment of these crimes provides for custody for the period from 2 to 7 years with deprivation of the right to hold some certain posts or to carry on some certain kind of activity for the period to 3 years.


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