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Kravchuk: People will not trust such a government

Posted by the Editor on April 30, 2005

News / 30 April 2005 | 12:02

Kravchuk: People will not trust such a government

Estimating the 100-days of activity of the new Cabinet, Leonid Kravchuk, the ex-president of Ukraine, presently the head of Social Democratic Party’s of Ukraine parliamentary faction, noted that Ukrainians will not trust such a government.

"They (new government – ed.) speak very earnestly. People can believe them, but will not trust ", – said Kravchuk, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" reported.

According to Kravchuk, he is worried about attempts of the new power to control economics manually, as well as to play with USD and persecute dissenters. But Kravchuk is mostly alarmed by the attempt of the new government to make over political reform.

He said that people are also worried about this question.

Nevertheless, according to public opinion poll, the level of people’s confidence in the prime minister of Ukraine, Julia Timoshenko, practically did not change – 50.4% in February and 50.5% in April.



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