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Melnichenko accuses Ukrainian authority of falsification of “Gongadze’s case”

Posted by the Editor on April 29, 2005

News / 29 April 2005 | 14:45

Melnichenko accuses Ukrainian authority of falsification of “Gongadze’s case”

The ex-major of State Security Service Nickolay Melnichenko delivered his statement to "Ukraynska Pravda", in which he appealed to the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko with a request to pay special attention to the question of security of the former president Leonid Kuchma and his subordinates, who survived after the death of the ex-minister of Internal Affairs Yurij Kravchenko.

In his statement Melnichenko pointed out that "international group of Boris Beresovsky, which includes the head Civil Liberties Fund, Alexander Goldfarb, agent of Boris Beresovsky, Yurij Felshtinsky, the former lieutenant colonel Alexander Litvinenko, the journalist Yurij Shvets, the former people’s deputies Zhir, Volkov and others, agreed with high-ranking officials of Ukrainian power, including the Prosecutor General Svytoslav Piskun.

They purposely falsified the investigation of "Gongadze’s case", gave false evidence about me and my records, and distributed them in Mass-Medias. They discredit my evidence about criminal actions of Kuchma, the chairman of Verkhovna Rada Vladimir Litvin, Yurij Kravchenko, the ex-head of Security Service of Ukraine Leonid Derkach, the people’s deputy Alexander Volkov, the former vice-prime minister Nickolay Azarov and others."

Melnichenko denies that the listening of Kuchma’s cabinet was conducted on demand of known politicians or foreign special services.

He also asserts that he has information about that his evidence, given in 2002 concerning Gongadze’s death and attempt on Alexander Elyashkevich’s (the former people’s deputy) life, disappeared from the Office of Public Prosecutor.

Melnichenko declared that he is ready to give repeated evidence on this case, but due to falsification of this case in Ukraine he will testify upon FBI of the USA.



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