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Citizens of Kiev hold a meeting at Maidan

Posted by the Editor on April 29, 2005

News / 29 April 2005 | 10:30

Citizens of Kiev hold a meeting at Maidan

People have gathered on the central square of Kiev and appeal to the president of Ukraine. They demand to stop a drastic fluctuations of UAH rate that negatively affect savings of people, to refuse from the method of filling of the State Budget by increasing of prices for food products and communal services. Due to increase of prices people demand to immediately start making payments to socially unprotected categories of society, to implement pre-election promises as regards increase of salaries for employees of budget sphere by 50% and creation of 5 millions working places, to regulate prices for fuel, to stop practice of administrative formation of prices, DVC reported.

Besides, people demand to provide for public report about implementation of measures for stabilizing of prices in food market of Ukraine from the Government.

"Dear Leaders! One can come to the Power due to revolution, but one will not be able to improve economics with the help of revolution! Stop justifying your incompetence by mistakes of the previous Government! It is time to answer to people!", – scanned Kiev people after the meeting.


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