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Zinchenko: Nobody called Kolesnikov to Secretariat

Posted by the Editor on April 16, 2005

News / 16 April 2005 | 11:46

Zinchenko: Nobody called Kolesnikov to Secretariat

State Secretary Alexander Zinchenko denies that Boris Kolesnikov had a meeting with an official in the president’s administration, during which Kolesnikov was threatened by institution of prosecution against him.

Mr. Zinchenko declared in an interview to BBC: "Nobody called Kolesnikov to Secretariat of President of Ukraine, I certify this. If there was such a person, let Kolesnikov name him and specify the time of visit. I talked to Kolesnikov twice after Yushchenko’s visit to Donetsk on February 11. We did not touch the question of his visit or his political views…".

Zinchenko added he does not consider "Kolesnikov’s case" a political one.


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