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Ukrainian mountain-climbers to conquer Everest

Posted by the Editor on April 16, 2005

News / 16 April 2005 | 16:00

Ukrainian mountain-climbers to conquer Everest

On April 16, Ukrainian mountain-climbers will set out to conquer Everest.  According to Sergey Bershov, a member of the expedition, the ascent to the "top of the world" should take place in the second half of May, when the weather conditions will be most favorable. 

On Saturday, Sergey Bershov and Igor Svergun of Kharkov, Ivan Valenya of Kiev, two mountain-climbers from Czech Republic and one from Georgia, will set out for Katmandu, where all six will climb the Everest, according to a report by Interfax Ukraine. 

The Kharkov regional club of mountain-climbers is organizing the Everest expedition in honor of the 60th anniversary of victory in WWII.  At the top of Mt. Everest, the mountain-climbers will set up the flags of Ukraine and the city of Kharkov.

According to Bershov, the ascent will be undertaken by ‘the classic route, which is considered the safest."  "However," he commented that "there are no easy routes to the top of Everest."
The participants of the expedition are planning to return home at the end of May or in the beginning of June. 

Sergey Bershov – the most experienced member of the expedition – conquered eight different eight-thousand-meter peaks, as well as two ascents to Everest. 


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