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Archive for April 15th, 2005

Kuchma’s cabinet was listened by a group of State Security officials

Posted by the Editor on April 15, 2005

News / 15 April 2005 | 18:10

Kuchma’s cabinet was listened by a group of State Security officials

The recording of talks in Kuchma’s cabinet was conducted by organized group of State Security officials, in which Melnichenko did not play a leading role. The people’s deputy Alexander Omelchenko declared in London, referring to information of the ex-lieutenant colonel of Federal Security Service Alexander Litvinenko.

Litvinenko, referring to the talk with Melnichenko, reported to Omelchenko that other participants of the operation hide in Western Europe and in Ukraine, and they are threatened by danger.

Litvinenko also gave evidence concerning his contacts with Melnichenko and delivered the documents he had, Omelchenko said.

"I know the surnames of the participants, but I will not name them by known reasons. I only want to say that for their security sake they must urgently testify in connection with "Gongadze case" and get a guard", – Omelchenko declared.

In his tern, the head of Boris Beresovsky’s Fund, Alexander Goldfarb, declared that the Fund is ready to provide the witnesses with security, transportation and  juridical support, UNIAN reported.


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People’s expectations will not be fulfilled?

Posted by the Editor on April 15, 2005

News / 15 April 2005 | 17:38

People’s expectations will not be fulfilled?

Ukraine’s Orange Revolution changed a lot more than just the country’s political leadership. 

"We have a new social morality, a new ethics, a new attitude toward the way business policy should be conducted," – Sergey Terehin,
Ukraine‘s new minister of economics, said in an interview to the newspaper “Washington Times". 

"When we came to office, we discovered that all public life in
Ukraine had been corrupted. The very first thing we felt we had to do was change the country’s mentality," Mr. Teryokhin told.

People’s expectatiotions from "orange revolution" will not be fulfilled at once. The new government has a lot of problems to solve, he added. 

"Ukrainians are a very patient people, but we are still dealing with a bureaucracy and a parliament that are very much a creation of the previous regime," he said. "The majority of our parliament did not support many of the reforms we want to see, and we very much hope President Yushchenko can have some successes to build on for the next elections in April 2006."

The Bush administration, which strongly supported the Orange Revolution, has moved to bolster economic ties to Ukraine and is backing its bid to join the World Trade Organization by the end of the year. The Commerce Department is close to a decision to declare Ukraine a full-fledged market economy, easing trade and investment restrictions. 

Ukraine also hopes to apply for funding from the new Millennium Challenge Corp., set up by Mr. Bush to reward developing countries that institute pro-market, anti-corruption policies. 

"It was one of our most sensitive issues, because Ukraine was always ranked with China and Russia as one of the world’s worst centers for intellectual property theft," he said.


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Chornovil accused Yushchenko of contraband of cruise missile

Posted by the Editor on April 15, 2005

News / 15 April 2005 | 16:37

Chornovil accused Yushchenko of contraband of cruise missile

People’s deputy of Ukraine Taras Chornovil promulgated a statement in which he accuses the present president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko of direct link with the sale of Ukrainian cruise missiles to Iran and China.

The statement was sent to ForUm’s address with the reference to the press-service of the deputy.

The full text of the statement:

"In connection with the Ukrainian president’s confirmation of the fact of sale Ukrainian cruise missiles to Iran and China, state Mass-Medias reported that the illegal operation was conducted by the previous government. To specify the real situation of the crime I must say that the fact of illegal sale was discovered exactly by the former government and it initiated the investigation of this case. The sale operation of the cruise missiles was conducted during tenure of Victor Yushchenko on the post of the prime minister of Ukraine (beginning of 2000 year – contraband of six cruise missiles to China, May-June of 2001 – illegal export to Iran).

Such large operations of weapon trade could be conducted only with prime minister’s knowledge. The very fact that the investigation was initiated during Kuchma’s regime can testify that the sale operation was a governmental one. Otherwise, the initiation of the investigation by the law-enforcement structure, fully controlled by Leonid Kuchma, looks illogical.

Also an alarming symptom is the fact that Mass-Medias repeatedly mentioned the name of the president’s brother Petr Yushchenko in connection with this case. There was published information about detaining of Ukrainian aircraft with contraband weapon in Moldova. The Kharkov business structure, headed by Petr Yushchenko, was among the founders of the firm – contrabandist.

Thus, the new president should assume the whole responsibility for the actions which threatened the peace in the world".


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Bill Gates will be engaged in investment in Ukraine

Posted by the Editor on April 15, 2005

News / 15 April 2005 | 15:38

Bill Gates will be engaged in investment in Ukraine

According to renewed edict of the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, the head of Microsoft Corp. Bill Gates is included into the staff of Investment Consulting Council.

Due to the text of the edict "About complementary measures concerning increasing of efficiency of International Investment in Ukraine Consulting Council", published on the official site of parliament of Ukraine, the quantity of government’s representatives in the Council was increase from five persons to ten, the quantity of representatives of investors was reduced from 28 persons to 13.

In particular, the Council consists of:

  • President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko – the head of the council
  • State Secretary Alexander Zinchenko
  • First vice-premier Anatoly Kinah Chairman of Verkhovna Rada Vladimir Litvin (by consent)
  • Minister of finance Victor Pinzenik Vice-premier Oleg Ribachuk
  • Deputy of State Secretary Boris Sobolev
  • Chairman of National Bank of Ukraine Vladimir Stelmah (by consent)
  • Minister of Economy and Eurointegration Sergey Terehin
  • Prime Minister Julia Timoshenko
  • President of Microsoft Corporation Bill Gates (by consent)
  • President of rating agency Moody’s Raymond McDaniel  (by consent)
  • President of American Trade Chamber in Ukraine Horhe Zukossky (by consent)
  • Vice President of World Bank in Europe and Central Asia Shigeo Katsu (by consent)
  • President of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Jan Lemier (by consent)
  • President of closed joint-stock company “Craft Foods Ukraine” George Christopher Logush (by consent)
  • President of business association Biorn Markstedt (by consent)
  • President of Company Ernst &Young Global Paul Ostling (by consent)
  • Delegate of German economy in Ukraine Carin Rau (by consent)
  • President of "Cargill Europe" Company Dave Rogers (be consent)
  • Chairman of  "Barclay’s Capital" Hans York Rudolf (by consent) 
  • President of Investment bank “TRAST” Iliya Yurov (by consent)
  • President and chief executive director of Western NIS Enterprise Fund Natalie Ann Yaresko (by consent) 


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Ukraine continues to withdraw troops from Iraq

Posted by the Editor on April 15, 2005

News / 15 April 2005 | 13:42

Ukraine continues to withdraw troops from Iraq

Today, 136 peacemakers of 7th detached mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will return to Ukraine from Iraq, UNIAN reported.

The same day, April 15, the group of the new rotation of the Ukrainian peacemaking contingent in Iraq will be conveyed to Iraq by two flights of Il-76 jets of "Ukrainian Aircraft Transport Company". In particular, 89 troops of 81st tactic group (TG) and 44 officers of the operations group of Ministry of Defense will arrive to "Delta" basic camp of the Ukrainian contingent.

The rotation is planned to be completed to May 12. It will involve 42 aircraft flights.

In the course of the rotation, 1394 troops of 7th detached mechanized brigade will return to Ukraine. Besides, 73 battle machines and 30 containers with military property, which are freed in connection with withdrawal and cannot be sold to the Iraqi law-enforcement structures, will be delivered to Ukraine by a sea ferry.

In their turn, 864 troops of 81st tactic group, along with 41 military advisers – Ukrainian officers, specially trained for servicing in headquarters of Ministry’s of Defense structures, will be conveyed to Iraq.

The current rotation marks the second stage of the planned gradual reduction and withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from the Republic of Iraq. As a result, the total number of the Ukrainian peacemaking contingent in this country will be reduced to 690 troops.


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Gongadze’s children consider Ukraine “a frightful country”

Posted by the Editor on April 15, 2005

News / 15 April 2005 | 13:10

Gongadze’s children consider Ukraine “a frightful country”

Myroslava Gongadze told in the interview that her children never mentioned about a desire to come back home.

"Never! When I gathered to come here they dissuade me: "Mama, where are you going? It is a frightful country, they kill people there…" It was not me who told them this.

On the contrary, I try to read them Ukrainian historian books; I tell them how Ukraine is beautiful. But they watch TV, and not only good things are shown on it… Ukraine for them is a country which took their father. What else can I say?" – Myroslava said, "Obkom" reported.


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Bakay opend an office in Moscow

Posted by the Editor on April 15, 2005

News / 15 April 2005 | 12:34

Bakay opend an office in Moscow

One of the leaders of "Party of regions", Vasiliy Gorbal declared that the ex-head of Department charged with state business, Igor Bakay, is in Moscow presently.

In the interview to the internet-newspaper "Censor. Net" Gorbal reported that he talked with Baray by phone. Gorbal considers that Bakay does not want to come back to Ukraine as many criminal actions are brought against him, and this fact "worries him". "Igor Bakay does not intend to arrive in Ukraine. He has good relations with high-rank people in Moscow. He opened an office there. I want to go to see what business he is engaged in", – Gorbal declared.

We remind, February 22, 2005 General Prosecution of Ukraine brought a criminal action concerning the fact of no-purpose use of 18 million gryvnas by the Department charged with state business. February 25 General Prosecution brought a criminal action against employees of this Department, actions of which resulted in illegal alienation of complexes of sanatoria and health resorts.

April 10 Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine promulgated information that the ex-head of Department charged with state business Igor Bakay is called to police for giving evidence in connection with money transfer to the account of Fund of reconstruction and development of International Youth Center "Artek" (Crimea), which caused material damage to the state in sum of 85,6 million gryvnas.


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Myroslava Gongadze wants to be a deputy in Verkhovna Rada

Posted by the Editor on April 15, 2005

News / 15 April 2005 | 10:41

Myroslava Gongadze wants to be a deputy in Verkhovna Rada

The widow of the killed journalist Georgy Gongadze, Myroslava Gongadze, wants to politicize.

In the interview to the newspaper "Den’" she said that she "is interested in two directions – politics and diplomacy". In particular, she wants "to be a deputy in Verkhovna Rada".

In response to the question whether she is going to enter the party of Victor Yushchenko, Myroslava Gongadze said there was no talk about it, however, the meeting with the president is planned on April 16-18.

Myroslava did not confirmed information about that the minister of foreign affairs Boris Tarasuk offered her to head the press-service of his ministry. "I do not confirm. I can not say anything more. I am more interested in politics. Besides, I have not decided yet about my coming back to Ukraine", – Myroslava Gongadze said.


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