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Melnichenko’s records are in Ukraine

Posted by the Editor on April 14, 2005

News / 14 April 2005 | 14:30

Melnichenko’s records are in Ukraine

The head of civil liberties Fund, founded by the businessman Boris Beresovsky, Alexander Goldfarb and a historian Yurij Phelshtinsky – witnesses in the "Gongadze case" – arrived in Ukraine yesterday and were testified in General Office of Public Prosecutor.

During today’s press-conference they declared that they brought four fragments of Melnichenko’s tapes: two fragments concern "Gongadze’s case", one – case about Mails, and another one – "Elyashkevich’s case", ForUm’s correspondent reported.

Altogether it makes seven-eight meters of talks, completed juridically correct, which can appear as proofs.

Phelshtinsky and Goldfarb also delivered the digital dictaphone "Toshiba", which is original, according to Melnichenko.

The records were contained in two chips and one CD. Items, given to General Prosecution, were complemented by expertise report.

Expertise was conducted to find out whether evidence of montage is present or absent in these records.

According to experts’ statement, represented digital tapes do not have signs of montage or any other manipulations with original sound recording and represent uninterrupted track.

Experts also confirm that it is impossible to identify whether these tapes are originals or copies. However, it is unessential for recognizing them authentic, as copies are equivalent to original for this purpose.


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