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An action can be brought against Yushchenko

Posted by the Editor on April 14, 2005

News / 14 April 2005 | 11:16

An action can be brought against Yushchenko

The minister of internal affairs of Ukraine Yurij Lucenko does not except a possibility of bringing a criminal action against the president Victor Yushchenko. He declared about it during chat-conference on "Ukraynska Pravda".

According to Lucenko, it will happen if the guilt of Yushchenko and his subordinates in bankruptcy of agronomical bank "Ukraine" is proved. Yushchenko can be accused of stealage of bank capital for financing education of his children abroad, groundless money allotment for building of gas pipeline "Odessa-Brody" and other violations.

Meanwhile, Lucenko admitted that such accusations are not in his competence and belong to prosecution’s authorities.

Besides, another criminal action can be brought against Victor Yanukovich. The head of MIA underlined: "I have strong belief that we have found the source of means for financing electioneering of ex-presidential candidate Victor Yanukovich. It is the so-called charitable foundations. Only LTD "“Smereka" had 699 million gryvnas ($133,14 million)on account, which were transferred to Litva and cashed by a physical body".


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