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Archive for April 14th, 2005

Melnichenko demanded $10 thousand from Beresovsky

Posted by the Editor on April 14, 2005

News / 14 April 2005 | 16:44

Melnichenko demanded $10 thousand from Beresovsky

Once Nickolay Melnichenko had addressed Boris Beresovsky to he financed decoding of records, Alexander Goldfarb (the head of Civil Liberties Fund) and historian Yurij Phelshtinsky declared on today’s press-conference.

Phelshtinsky admitted that the Fund had the only interest – "to find any information about terrorist acts, happened in Moscow in 1999".

Giving the records, Melnichenko demanded "a salary", 10 thousand dollars per month to pay his bills and advocate. The records were delivered to former official of State Security Cabinet (KGB), Yurij Shvets, who immigrated to the USA in the nineties. Shvets organized decoding of records and published them on the site "the 5th element".

A conflict happened between Melnichenko and Shvets at the end of 2002 year. Melnichenko declared that, having published the records, Shvets threatened Melnichenko’s life and lives of many people in Ukraine.

Then Beresovsky stopped financing the decoding and "the 5th element". Melnichenko did not communicate with Beresovsky and Shvets for some time. However, March 4, 2005 Melnichenko called Beresovsky from Warsaw and said he was afraid for his safety after he became to know about Kravchenko’s death. The same day Beresovsky sent an aircraft which delivered Melnichenko to London. Representatives of the fund tried to persuade Melnichenko to testify and give the records to General Prosecution of Ukraine. They even arranged a consultation with Ukrainian advocate Andrey Fedur. However, Melnichenko again refused to testify.


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Timoshenko: Gossips about my resignation are provocation

Posted by the Editor on April 14, 2005

News / 14 April 2005 | 15:24

Timoshenko: Gossips about my resignation are provocation

The prime minister of Ukraine Julia Timoshenko considers gossips about her resignation a pure provocation.

"Rumours about my possible resignation from the post of the head of government are nothing but banal informational provocation", – she declared, commenting the information spread in Ukrainian and Russian Mass-Media about her resignation, the press-service of Cabinet reported.

"It is obvious that there are some circles in Ukraine, which are crazy about such development of events. But their hopes do not have a chance to be realized", – the premier said, "Interfax-Ukraine" reported.

"I regard appearance of such information with patience. I understand that quantity of such materials will increase. But it is not my problems or problems of the government. It concerns only those politicians, who spread this information, or even their psychiatrists", – Timoshenko said.

"I and the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko are single team forever. Our political unity is beyond the control of any provocation", – the premier underlined.


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Melnichenko’s records are in Ukraine

Posted by the Editor on April 14, 2005

News / 14 April 2005 | 14:30

Melnichenko’s records are in Ukraine

The head of civil liberties Fund, founded by the businessman Boris Beresovsky, Alexander Goldfarb and a historian Yurij Phelshtinsky – witnesses in the "Gongadze case" – arrived in Ukraine yesterday and were testified in General Office of Public Prosecutor.

During today’s press-conference they declared that they brought four fragments of Melnichenko’s tapes: two fragments concern "Gongadze’s case", one – case about Mails, and another one – "Elyashkevich’s case", ForUm’s correspondent reported.

Altogether it makes seven-eight meters of talks, completed juridically correct, which can appear as proofs.

Phelshtinsky and Goldfarb also delivered the digital dictaphone "Toshiba", which is original, according to Melnichenko.

The records were contained in two chips and one CD. Items, given to General Prosecution, were complemented by expertise report.

Expertise was conducted to find out whether evidence of montage is present or absent in these records.

According to experts’ statement, represented digital tapes do not have signs of montage or any other manipulations with original sound recording and represent uninterrupted track.

Experts also confirm that it is impossible to identify whether these tapes are originals or copies. However, it is unessential for recognizing them authentic, as copies are equivalent to original for this purpose.


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Fedur reckons that Kolesnikov will be released today

Posted by the Editor on April 14, 2005

News / 14 April 2005 | 13:48

Fedur reckons that Kolesnikov will be released today

Today the court will consider the appeal about Kolesnikov’s discharge "in connection with illegal arrest".

In the advocate’s opinion, General Prosecution of Ukraine does not have sufficient grounds to detain the chairman of Donetsk region council, Boris Kolesnikov.

"If the court examines my appeal within the law, Kolesnikov has a chance to be released on Thursday’s evening", – Fedur said, "KID" reported.

At the same time the head of press-service of General Office of Public Prosecutor Vyacheslav Astapov underlined: "Any statements of the advocate are his personal opinion, which can be estimated as a pressure on court before announcement of a decision".   


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Interpol did not cancel the search for Timoshenko but just interrupted

Posted by the Editor on April 14, 2005

News / 14 April 2005 | 13:10

Interpol did not cancel the search for Timoshenko but just interrupted

General Secretariat of Interpol in Lyons decided to interrupt an international search called for Timoshenko.

"This decision was accepted due to the norms of international right. Such mechanism is applied to state leaders, who enjoy immunity", – the head of National central bureau of Interpol in Russia, Timur Lakhonin, reported to "Interfax" agency.

"The more exact wording is interruption of search in connection with a political status of a wanted person. It means that the search will be recalled if Timoshenko looses her political status", – Lakhonin explained.

He reminded that General Prosecution of Russian Federation, as an initiator of the search, does not consider this case closed. "All necessary documents and orders for search and arrest Timoshenko are still kept in informational systems of Interpol", – Lakhonin added.


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Lucenko examines the Kuchma’s fund

Posted by the Editor on April 14, 2005

News / 14 April 2005 | 12:40

Lucenko examines the Kuchma’s fund

Ministry of Internal affairs examines the legality of transfer of the building on Shelkovichnaya Street in Kiev to the fund "Ukraine", which is headed by the former president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma.

"Now we examine both the legality of transfer of the building and also legality money transfer to fund’s account", – Lucenko declared.

Some days ago police called the president of football club "Dynamo" (Kiev) Igor Surkis to give explanations concerning transference of six million gryvnas to the fund "Ukraine" by the club "Dynamo". Surkis declared that money was transferred as charitable means according to the decision of supervisory council.

Leonid Kuchma founded the presidential fund "Ukraine" on November 2004.


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Ukraine can reckon on invitation to enter NATO

Posted by the Editor on April 14, 2005

News / 14 April 2005 | 12:01

Ukraine can reckon on invitation to enter NATO

Ukraine can get an invitation to enter NATO to the end of this month. According to the minister of foreign affairs of Litva Anastas Valionis, the forthcoming summit of Foreign Ministers of NATO in Vilnius, planned on April 21, the commission "Ukraine-NATO" will approve the plan of actions concerning future Ukraine’s joining the alliance.
Valionis reported that the prospects of Georgia’s entrance NATO would be also discussed, but "only Ukraine can wait for decision to join NATO".

As for Ukraine’s membership in European Union, the head of MFA of Litva said "Ukraine’s friends must continue working inside EU itself and propose decisions which can satisfy all Europe, including Ukraine", RIA "Novosty" reported.

Valionis declared that his aim is "to seek constant dialogue between EU and Ukraine, which will bring to Ukraine’s membership in Union".


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An action can be brought against Yushchenko

Posted by the Editor on April 14, 2005

News / 14 April 2005 | 11:16

An action can be brought against Yushchenko

The minister of internal affairs of Ukraine Yurij Lucenko does not except a possibility of bringing a criminal action against the president Victor Yushchenko. He declared about it during chat-conference on "Ukraynska Pravda".

According to Lucenko, it will happen if the guilt of Yushchenko and his subordinates in bankruptcy of agronomical bank "Ukraine" is proved. Yushchenko can be accused of stealage of bank capital for financing education of his children abroad, groundless money allotment for building of gas pipeline "Odessa-Brody" and other violations.

Meanwhile, Lucenko admitted that such accusations are not in his competence and belong to prosecution’s authorities.

Besides, another criminal action can be brought against Victor Yanukovich. The head of MIA underlined: "I have strong belief that we have found the source of means for financing electioneering of ex-presidential candidate Victor Yanukovich. It is the so-called charitable foundations. Only LTD "“Smereka" had 699 million gryvnas ($133,14 million)on account, which were transferred to Litva and cashed by a physical body".


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