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Kolesnikov is accused of extortion

Posted by the Editor on April 6, 2005

News / 6 April 2005 | 19:30

Kolesnikov is accused of extortion

The advocate of the chairman of Donetsk region administration Andrey Fedur asserts that Kolesnikov was detained groundlessly, illegally and with violations of current legislation of Ukraine.

Fedur reported also, now he is going "to appeal to the court against Kolesnikov arrest immediately, today".

The advocate reported also, that no action was brought against Kolesnikov. He is detained as a suspected of committing a crime according to the article 189 part 4 of Criminal Code of Ukraine ("Extortion which caused a great physical injury, Extortion accomplished by an organized group or Extortion with infliction of heavy bodity injuries" – is punished by imprisonment from 7 to 12 years with confiscation of property – ed.).


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General Prosecution arrested Boris Kolesnikov

Posted by the Editor on April 6, 2005

News / 6 April 2005 | 18:32

General Prosecution arrested Boris Kolesnikov

Today the chairman of Donetsk region administration, member of Party of Regions, Boris Kolesnikov was called for interrogation concerning the events happened in Severodonetsk on November 2004.

After three hours and a half, the investigator charged with this case called the Kolesnikov’s adviser and informed that Kolesnikov had been arrested and needs an advocate.

Kolesnikov is accused of incitement to separatism during party meeting in Severodonetsk.

Some hours later the press-secretary of the chairman of Donetsk region administration Elena Bondarenko reported that Kolesnikov was arrested in connection with another article of Criminal Code, but she did not specify which one.

This information was confirmed by the member of faction of Party of regions Igor Shkirya.

About 20 deputies of Party of Region arrived to General Office of Public Prosecutor to find out the reason of Kolesnikov’s arrest.

The leader of the party Victor Yanukovich also arrived to the prosecution. He considers Kolesnikov’s arrest a political order.

"First Kolesnikov was accused of separatism, now they say it is another criminal case. I consider it a political order…Today, society does not believe that Law reigns in Ukraine. The new administration makes impossible to say the truth…I also took part in that meeting and expressed my opinion about Ukraine’s future, but I was not called for interrogation to General Prosecution", – Yanukovich underlined.

"I want to say that future of Ukraine is in regions, and it is not a separatism, but federalism. This system unites people around region’s culture and economics. Why can not we speak about it?!", – Yanukovich added.

Famous lawyers Andrey Fedur, who advocated Pavel Lasarenko and represented Gongadze’s mother Lesya Gongadze, and Elena Lukash, who represented Yanukovich in Supreme Court, will advocate the chairman of Donetsk region administration Boris Kolesnikov.


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Ukrainian businessmen continue the fight with the government

Posted by the Editor on April 6, 2005

News / 6 April 2005 | 16:47

Ukrainian businessmen continue the fight with the government

The American daily International Herald Tribune writes about the situation round the mining and smelting combine "Krivorozhstal".

Some of the most powerful businessmen in Ukraine have turned to the top human rights court in Europe in a battle with their new government over the privatization of the country’s largest steelworks, a lawyer representing the businessmen said Tuesday.

The lawyer, Serhiy Vlasenko, said that he had lodged a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights to challenge a ruling in a Kiev court on Feb. 17 that suspended a privatization of the Kryvorizhstal mill that was begun last year.

The case has become one of the most disputed of Ukraine’s post-Soviet privatizations, as the government of President Viktor Yushchenko moves to undo deals that put state property in the hands of people close to the previous government.

The mill was acquired by Investment-Metallurgical Union, a consortium largely owned by Viktor Pinchuk, the son-in-law of former President Leonid Kuchma, and Rinat Akhmetov, a wealthy businessman.

Courts had approved the sale of the mill for around $800 million last year, despite reportedly higher offers by bidders from the United States and Russia.
Yushchenko has called the sale a theft and said his government would return the mill to the state. A group of lawmakers backing Yushchenko challenged the sale in a Kiev court, which halted the privatization.

Vlasenko said that the ruling violated his clients’ right to a fair hearing as guaranteed by European human rights laws.

"The law was breached so many times and so flagrantly during the opening of the review of the privatization that now we have no choice but to defend our rights in a totally unbiased manner by appealing to the European court," he said.

Vlasenko told a news conference that he had lodged a complaint with the court in Strasbourg on March 23 and expected a decision within the next five months on whether it will accept the case.


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“The Guardian”: Victor’s Yushchenko regime is accused of colluding in cover-up.

Posted by the Editor on April 6, 2005

News / 6 April 2005 | 15:39

“The Guardian”: Victor’s Yushchenko regime is accused of colluding in cover-up.

English newspaper "The Guardian" writes about it in the article "Secrets of journalist’s murder cast long shadow over Ukraine’s orange revolution".

When Viktor Yushchenko won last year’s presidential election he vowed to get to the bottom of the case. The "orange revolution" last year raised hope that the murderers would be brought to justice.

But it is suspected that his government is reluctant to dig too deep into the case, for fear of opening Pandora’s box.

On March 1, Mr Yushchenko declared that the case had been solved and the killers identified.

The next day the prosecutor general, Stanislav Pyskun, has announced his readiness to re-examine the secret recordings from Mr Kuchma’s office. But the tapes may be a poisoned chalice for the new leadership.

Several current ministers and Mr Yushchenko himself held posts under Mr Kuchma. No one knows for certain what embarrassments the recordings may contain for them.

The liberal weekly Dzerkalo Tyzhnya has called them "a weapon of mass destruction" for the new government.

Mr Yushchenko has condemned suggestions that the investigators are reluctant to admit the tapes.

But many are mystified as to why Mr Pyskun retains such a prominent role in the investigation. Originally appointed prosecutor general by Mr Kuchma, he was removed from the case just as he appeared to be making progress. In December he unexpectedly reappeared.

"I know Pyskun’s work, his style and his methods, and I haven’t the slightest trust in him," Andriy Fedur, the solicitor for Gongadze’s mother, said. "I am concerned that Viktor Yushchenko has still not dismissed him."

Recent events have caused speculation that a deal was made guaranteeing Mr Kuchma an amnesty in return for his graceful departure from power. According to this theory the deal included a role for Mr Pyskun.

Pora, the mass youth organisation which led November’s protests, has placed Mr Pyskun on a "blacklist" of old regime figures who should be banned from office.

Vladislav Kaskiv, a leading figure in Pora, says Mr Pyskun’s reappointment was a mistake, but fears the root of the problem lies deeper, in Mr Yushchenko’s negotiations with the old regime.

He is worried that Mr Kuchma will escape justice.

Mr Kuchma is not the only figure in the Gongadze case who appears to be enjoying an easy ride. The Speaker of parliament, Volodymyr Lytvyn, is apparently also to be heard on the secret tapes discussing how to silence the journalist.

But Mr Yushchenko has invited Mr Lytvyn to join his coalition at next year’s general elections.

Last month Mr Lytvyn, apparently at Mr Yushchenko’s behest, asked the parliament to prevent a parliamentary commission on Gongadze publishing its findings. The commission’s report had been blocked for several years by pro-Kuchma MPs.


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“Eurovision” or basketball?

Posted by the Editor on April 6, 2005

News / 6 April 2005 | 14:45

“Eurovision” or basketball?

The president of National TV Company of Ukraine Taras Stetskiv declared that in case of holding FIBA Euroleague Final Four on April 26-28 in Palace of Sport, the song contest "Eurovision", which must take place in Palace of Sport also, can be deranged.

According to Stetskiv, he understands the importance of both competitions, but "Eurovision" has made the contract earlier and can not allow to hold Final Four because of lack of time, "" reported.

Stetskiv reminded that Turkey needed two months for building the stage, but organizers of "Eurovision" in Ukraine will have only two weeks.

"If they take these three days, we will not have time for preparation to "Eurovision", – Stetskiv said.

According to his words, National TV Company appealed to Vice-premier Nickolay Tomenko, Youth and Sport minister Yurii Pavlenko with a query to find another place for conducting Final Four or to discuss the transferal of competition with FIBA.


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Fans of “Eurovision” will be offered “orange” tents

Posted by the Editor on April 6, 2005

News / 6 April 2005 | 14:01

Fans of “Eurovision” will be offered “orange” tents

In connection with the conducting of song contest "Eurovision" in Kiev there is a problem with providing festival guests with accommodation. The administration of the song contest plans to solve it by placing a tent town on the Truhanov island in Kiev.

According to Taras Stetskiv, the director of National TV Company of Ukraine, the tent town will remind tent towns on rock-festivals, "Glavred" reports.

Approximately 10 000 persons can live in these tents. Organizers hope that "young people will settle there with gladness". Besides, this tent town will remind the revolution, as some tents were standing on Majdan.

Guests of festival are expected to come not only from abroad but also from different parts of Ukraine. Prices of hotels in Kiev are too expensive for them.


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Verhovna Rada of Ukraine interceded for NTN

Posted by the Editor on April 6, 2005

News / 6 April 2005 | 13:32

Verhovna Rada of Ukraine interceded for NTN

The people’s deputies of Ukraine appealed to the country’s leader with the query concerning the groundless pressure on the TV channel NTN.

On the morning meeting of Verhovna Rada of Ukraine the chairman of VR Vladimir Litvin read out the query of the deputy Vladimir Zubanov to the president of Ukraine to defend liberty of speech and to stop groundless pressure on the TV channel NTN.

272 from 430 deputies supported this query.


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The main questions to be discussed in Congress

Posted by the Editor on April 6, 2005

News / 6 April 2005 | 12:41

The main questions to be discussed in Congress

During his today’s appearance in the US Congress the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko will raise 7-8 questions which must become priorities in Ukrainian-American relationships, press-service of the country’s leader reported. 
In particular, country’s leader plans to touch upon the question about abolition of Jackson-Vanik amendment in Ukraine. Yushchenko is convinced that it will happen to the end of this year.
Also the president will underline a necessity to activate educational projects to the Ukrainian students and specialists have an opportunity to study and work on probation in the prestige American universities and other structures.

In his lecture Yushchenko will pay attention to the question about building of a new shelter above Chernobil AES and will open a subject of Ukrainian-American collaboration in weapon utilization.

Other themes are Ukraine’s entry into WTO and getting the status of country with a market economy.

Today is the last day of Yushchenko’s visit in the USA. In the evening by local time, the delegation at the head of the president will depart for Kiev.

Victor Yushchenko invited the president of the USA George Bush to visit Ukraine this year.


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