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Racist leaflets are distributed in Kiev

Posted by the Editor on March 31, 2005

News / 31 March 2005 | 14:40

Racist leaflets are distributed in Kiev

Since last weekend strange leaflets began to appear in the most popular places of Kiev, central streets and carriages of underground, "Gazeta po-kievsky" writes.

They say that only 8% of "white people" left on the earth. A few internet addresses were offered to those who became interested. In particular:,,

The leaflets were distributed by an anti-Semite -Nazi organization. The statements "only Aryans, light figures as Prometheus, are able to build a worthy culture and country" and "Aryans are masters above all undeveloped people" are published on the front pages of the sites.

A lot of propaganda articles are also represented on sites. The special attention is paid to black-skinned and Jewries which are "worse than true Aryans".

There are also recommendations about correct conducting of propaganda among simple people, lessons of oratorical art (how to breathe correctly, to stress and pause in propaganda speech). It is told how to glue the leaflets correctly and to apply with police, reported.

At the same time, there is no information about creators and employees of these sites.


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