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NTN employees picket General Prosecution

Posted by the Editor on March 31, 2005

News / 31 March 2005 | 13:34

NTN employees picket General Prosecution

After picketing State Secretariat of President, representatives of broadcasting company NTN and their supporters have come to General Office of Public Prosecutor, ForUm’s correspondent reports.

Demonstrators have set powerful loudspeakers, through which marches are broadcasted. They also cry out slogans: "Piskun, go out!", "Freedom to NTN!".

Demonstrators hold state flags, flags of Youth Union of Ukraine, flag with symbolism of NTN, and also banners of the association "Nova Regeneratsia (New generation)".

A representative of the "New generation", participating in the picket, has declared to a ForUm’s correspondent that they will not leave General Prosecution until the general prosecutor Svyatoslav Piskun appears.

Demonstrators have already set a few tents on lawns in front of the building of General Prosecution, and even expect arrival of a field-kitchen.


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