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Deputies do not pertain to the “bribe case”

Posted by the Editor on March 31, 2005

News / 31 March 2005 | 18:00

Deputies do not pertain to the “bribe case”

Three persons detained in connection with the case of incitement to giving a bribe to the top management of government of Ukraine have no connection with the deputies of Verhovna Rada, whose last names were named in press, the chairman of security Service of Ukraine Alexander Turchinov declared on a press-conference, "Obkom" reported.

We remind that different news agencies reported about detention of helpers of the deputies Grigory Omelchenko, Mikhail Potebenko and Andrey Shkil in connection with this case.

Turchinov told Security Service had detained three persons suspected in organization of criminal group which was engaged in incitement to give bribes.

According to Turchinov, offenders cozened businessmen with the help of counterfeit certifications, promising them to influence the decisions of Cabinet  for a certain sum of money. Thus they asked an advance.

Offenders worked in fictitious waiting rooms, imitated phone calls to high public servants, but called to themselves.

Security service, according to him, is now interested in a question, who offered businessmen the services of this group.


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