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Archive for March 24th, 2005

Where will Akayev escape?

Posted by the Editor on March 24, 2005

News / 24 March 2005 | 18:31

Where will Akayev escape?

The head of Kirghizia Askar Akayev with family and nearest surroundings took off on the presidential helicopter Mi-8 in the direction to Kazakhstan border.

Informed sources in Bishkek reported about it. According to unconfirmed data, a helicopter has already landed on Kazakhstan territory, informed.

Meantime MFA of Kazakhstan declared that they did not keep informed that Akayev took off from Bishkek toward the republic. "Now we do not keep informed about such facts", – the press secretary of Kazakhstan MFA Iliyas Omarov declared.

As a source close to the secretariat of the Ukrainian president reports, there is a possibility of granting political asylum to the president of Kirghizia Askar Akayev.

Ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine did not confirm this information, as well as did not refute, referring to that such decision has to be made by more high level, "Obkom" reported.

One of possible versions of reasons of Mr. Akayev appeal to Ukrainian authorities is his aspiration to oppose "tulip revolution" enlisting the support of "orange president".


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How much does the Ukrainian deputy cost?

Posted by the Editor on March 24, 2005

News / 24 March 2005 | 18:03

How much does the Ukrainian deputy cost?

In Ukrainian parliament a deputy is paid about 15 millions for passing from one faction to another one. PM of Ukraine, the leader of faction SDPU (u), Leonid Kravchuk reported about it in an interview to journalists, ForUm’s correspondent reported.

Leonid Kravchuk did not specify currency of payment for such deputies’ actions. "But there was the fact of buying (membership of deputies by one or another faction)", – Kravchuk said.

"I do not know factions, which did not buy deputies with either money, or positions, or property or by something else", – Kravchenko said and added, that, in particular, it concerned once pro-power factions.


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Ukraine is ready to help Kirghizia

Posted by the Editor on March 24, 2005

News / 24 March 2005 | 17:16

Ukraine is ready to help Kirghizia

Ukraine worries about the situation arisen in Kirghiz Republic after parliamentary elections. It is said in the statement of MFA of Ukraine, given to ForUm.

Ukraine once again accents attention on a necessity to adhere democratic standards and norms, in particular, providing free declaration of will, freedom of speech and meetings.

Ukraine sharply reprobates any displays of violence and policy of force and considers that a dialog can settle the situation.

Ukraine supports efforts of the personal representative of Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) in the countries of Central Asia, directed towards the search of way of settlement of situation in the country.

Supporting efforts of OSCE, Ukraine declares about willingness to offer the intermediary service which would assist in civil world’s recovery in Kirghiz society.


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Litvin: a voting paper will look like a sheet

Posted by the Editor on March 24, 2005

News / 24 March 2005 | 16:25

Litvin: a voting paper will look like a sheet

Chairman of Verhovna Rada of Ukraine Vladimir Litvin considers that parliament will not be able to make decision about holding parliamentary elections and local council elections at different time.

Answering questions on today’s press-conference, Litvin marked that all talks concerning this problem would finish by simultaneous elections, although, according to him, this time they would be very difficult, "Obcom" reported.

Litvin marked that there are about 120 parties registered for today, and even if 1/3 of them took part in elections, a voting paper would look like a sheet.

Litvin considers also, that the result of parliamentary elections will show, whether Ukraine passed a point of failure to return. According to him, one of features of forthcoming parliamentary elections is that those political forces which have won presidential elections will try to strengthen victory, and defeated party will try to gain revenge.

According to Litvin, the second feature of forthcoming parliamentary elections is that these elections actually will define a prime minister aside from whether the changes in Constitution inure.

Chairman of VR is convinced that parliament will become more structured after parliamentary elections 2006.


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Total opposition control in Kirghizia

Posted by the Editor on March 24, 2005

News / 24 March 2005 | 15:30

Total opposition control in Kirghizia

According to present information the president of Kirghizia Askar Akaev asked political refuge on a military base in Kant, belonged to counterterrorist coalition, during meeting in Bishkek with the representatives of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, arrived today in the republic.

"Tribune" with reference to the broadcasting station "Mayak" reported about it.

Opposition having rushed in House of Government did not touch the cabinet of the president Askar Akaev.

As Kirghiz agency "Kabar" informs, the crowd throws out documents from the windows of other cabinets on other floors, RIA "Novosty" reports.

According to data from the agency, deputies of parliament began to arrive to House of Government.

Kirghiz opposition intends to take over the control of the whole country during the nearest three – four days, "Interfax-Ukraine" informs.

Presently opposition controls three fourths of Kirghizia territory.


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Fans of “Dynamo” attack Yushchenko’s residence

Posted by the Editor on March 24, 2005

News / 24 March 2005 | 14:40

Fans of “Dynamo” attack Yushchenko’s residence

A group of fans of FC "Dynamo" (about 100 persons), "got up" in symbolism of the favourite team is going from the stadium "Dynamo" to the building of former Administration of the president of Ukraine, ForUm’s correspondent reports.

Fans of "Dynamo" intend to demand the promised help in decision of questions concerning this football club from Yushchenko.

"President Yushchenko promised to the former president Kravchuk to come to the base of FC "Dynamo" to investigate the situation personally. Time passes, court meeting is postponed to autumn, and stocks of FC "Dynamo" are still under arrest: the club can not invest in child’s sport and in Ukrainian football, conduct social programs. Football players of "Dynamo" are under psychological pressure, in fact the club is not a factory, the club is a team! Scandal negatively influences the international image of Ukraine. President, "Dynamo" is waiting for you! Future of the football club is in your hands! Help to dot the scandal caused by claims of the off-shore swindler Grigorishin to national property of Ukraine", – the statement of fans of "Dynamo" says.


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Opposition occupied building of Kirghizia government

Posted by the Editor on March 24, 2005

News / 24 March 2005 | 13:46

Opposition occupied building of Kirghizia government

Opposition rushed in building of Kirghizia government. Doors of the building are thrown open; demonstrators are entering them, a correspondent of RIA "Novosty" reports from the place of events.

Demonstrators beat windows, throw out conditioners from the fourth floor of building. On the first floor the national flag of Kirghizia is hung out.

Militia does not offer resistance. Militiamen go out the building by a column.

The cabinet of the president Akaev is on the seventh floor.

The supporters of opposition fully captured the building of government.

Demonstrates beat unmercifully the employees of government. Law enforcement authorities did not take a single shot.

Demonstrators wave Kirghizia president’s colour in the cabinet of Askar Akaev in the building of government.

People enter and go out the building of government without any difficulty. They throw out papers, documents, computers, other technical means and equipment from all windows.

According to unconfirmed data, almost all guidance of the country abandoned building shortly before an assault. The president and his supporters are in one of hotels of Bishkek.

Kirghiz television came over to opposition side.


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Hearing “Yushchenko against Herman” delayed again

Posted by the Editor on March 24, 2005

News / 24 March 2005 | 13:02

Hearing “Yushchenko against Herman” delayed again

Court delayed the hearing of the case "Yushchenko against Herman" for the eighth time.

The press-service of Victor Yanukovich informs: "On March 24, Pechersky district court of Kiev delayed for the eighth time the hearing of the case at the suit of Yushchenko against Herman concerning defence of honour and dignity. According to the judge Umnova’s statement, the court had not had money to send registered notice to Victor Yushchenko and did not know whether Yushchenko was informed about time and place of court meeting. In opinion of Anna Herman’s representative Olena Lukash, the fact that the claimant Victor Yushchenko has failed to appear in court eight times is a cause for halting investigation."

We remind Yushchenko accuses Anna Herman of hurting his honour and dignity by her comments during events in Ivano-Francovsk on Septembers, 24, 2004,  
An incident with Yanukovich happened on Septembers, 24 during his visit to Ivano-Francovsk. According to data from Ministry of Internal Affairs, some persons threw heavy objects, which got into head and breast, into the premier when he went out the bus in front of the building of local university. The 17-years-old student Dmitry Romanuk was arrested, and criminal case was instituted according to the article "hooliganism" of criminal code of Ukraine. The student was released later, and case was closed.

Commenting this incident, Anna Herman said: "Radical representatives of "Our Ukraine" behaved so aggressively, that guards of the prime minister had to protect him".

Some political forces blamed Yushchenko’s team in this incident.


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