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Archive for March 3rd, 2005

Official portraits of the president Victor Yushchenko

Posted by the Editor on March 3, 2005

News / 3 March 2005 | 17:01

Official portraits of the president Victor Yushchenko

Victor Yushchenko’s official portraits are ratified, press-service of the president informs.

On one of them the country’s leader is represented against the background of orange Independence square which is the symbol of president’s victory. Such idea of image came to Yushchenko. Another photo of president is more official, it is done during one of the last photo sessions, when Yushchenko headed parliamentary faction "Our Ukraine".
Press-service marks that, probably, for the first time in history of Ukraine the portrait of leader is in such great demand. Unofficial portraits of the president are for sale in booths of "Soyuspechat" and in bookstores.

The official portraits of the country’s leader will be given to those, who asks them, nevertheless, their presence in the cabinets of officials is not obligatory, only at will.


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Kravchuk: A deputy “umbrella” undermines power

Posted by the Editor on March 3, 2005

News / 3 March 2005 | 15:50

Kravchuk: A deputy “umbrella” undermines power

"When Timoshenko resigned from PM after her new appointment as a premier, I thought, that tomorrow everybody would do the same. In fact there must be no difficulties, only will of the president and will of the premier", – PM Leonid Kravchuk declared.

Commenting to the ForUm’s correspondent the situation of combination of deputies’ plenary powers with their direct duties by some public servants, PM marked that "they prejudiced power strength".

"If I want to have one more "umbrella" just in case, it means, I disbelieve that I will hold my position for a long time or that power will", – Kravchuk said.


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Kravchenko hides from Gongadze’s “shade” in Russia

Posted by the Editor on March 3, 2005

News / 3 March 2005 | 14:52

Kravchenko hides from Gongadze’s “shade” in Russia

One of the figures charged with the murder of the independent Ukrainian journalist George Gongadze, ex-minister of internal affairs of Ukraine Yurij Kravchenko can hide in Russia.

Kravchenko (according to some data, he discussed methods of getting rid of Gongadze with the ex-president Leonid Kuchma) was last time seen in Crimea.

It is assumed that he left for Russia, using the ferriage Kerch – Krasnodarsky region.

Yesterday general prosecutor of Ukraine Sviatoslav Piskun declared that he would convene Kravchenko for interrogation. The former head of MIA must come to the Office of Public Prosecutor in the morning on Friday.


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Yushchenko and Rotaru will be engaged in national show-business

Posted by the Editor on March 3, 2005

News / 3 March 2005 | 14:01

Yushchenko and Rotaru will be engaged in national show-business

Today the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko met with the public artiste of Ukraine Sofia Rotaru, press-service of the president reported.

The basic theme of talk was a necessity to develop a new public policy in sphere of culture and art, to save Ukrainian song and support talented young people.

Sides agreed also, that the state has to form new approach to development of national show-business.


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Descendants of Dostoevsky and Lobachevsky are at law with a lottery company

Posted by the Editor on March 3, 2005

News / 3 March 2005 | 13:34

Descendants of Dostoevsky and Lobachevsky are at law with a lottery company

Descendants of mathematician Nickolay Lobachevsky are ready to join the court claim given by the great-grandchild of the writer Dostoevsky Olga Shipova against the lottery company "Honest game".

According to Shipova , all documents are collected, although she is "heartfelt sorry for disturbing memory of ancestor". In the case of victory she intends to give money to the fund of Kazansky University, the rector of which was Lobachevsky, or to memorial museum of the mathematician.

The case is concerned the images of prominent Russians figures on lotteries tickets.
Portraits of Feodor Dostoevsky and Nickolay Lobachevsky appeared on the turn of lotteries tickets of the company "Honest game" without the relatives’ consent. At the beginning of February great-grandchild of Dostoevsky, habitant of Saint Petersburg Dmitry Dostoevsky, declared to Moscow court the requirement to acknowledge illegal the use of image of writer.

Dostoevsky – junior considers actions of lottery creators the insult of memory of great-grandfather which long time beyond measure carried with the games of chance. As an indemnification the plaintiff requires 200 thousand roubles which will be expended for celebration of 500-aniversary of Dostoevsky kind next year.
The descendant of writer even patented the family last name as a commodity sign. It is a forced measure. Otherwise how to press merchants?" – Dmitry Dostoevsky explained. According to him, only in Petersburg there are gambling hall "Dostoevsky" and hotel "Dostoevsky".

Meantime, LTD. "Management of the Sporting lottery" – "Honest game" declared that the company pursued only elucidative goals. "The participant of lottery gets possibility to familiarize with biography of the great writer on the ticket reverse" – reported press secretary of company Natella Starodubtseva.


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Kuchma is in search

Posted by the Editor on March 3, 2005

News / 3 March 2005 | 12:22

Kuchma is in search

Head of investigating commission of Verhovna Rada of Ukraine charged with investigation of great cases Grigory Omelchenko considers that general public prosecutor must bring criminal action against the ex-president Leonid Kuchma and declare him in international search.
"Sviatoslav Piskun is obliged to bring an action against Kuchma immediately , to take arrest warrant, to send his name to Interpol and to detain wherein he is now", – said Omelchenko.

Omelchenko reminded that he already addressed to General Prosecutor with the requirement to detain urgently the ex-minister of internal affairs Yurij Kravchenko. "Above all things his maintenance in the investigation insulator is a resort to save his life", – Omelchenko underlined.

"I know, that his life is threatened by psychological, psychical derangement and suicide, physical elimination, pretended suicide or disappearance", – the deputy considers.

Besides, he intends to bring in a bill draft concerning expression of mistrust to Piskun and his immediate resignation.

Omelchenko reminded that investigating commission, according to collected proofs, drew conclusions about that who was the organizer of Gongadze’s murder yet in 2003 year.

As reported, the ex-president of Ukraine, head of charitable endowment "Ukraine" Leonid Kuchma left for Czekh in February.


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Yanukovich is not sure what to do with Vetrenko and Korchinsky

Posted by the Editor on March 3, 2005

News / 3 March 2005 | 11:10

Yanukovich is not sure what to do with Vetrenko and Korchinsky

Answering the question, whether it is possible to say that Vetrenko and Korchinsky are his allies, he answered: "It is possible to consider that it is so, but we did not execute our relations, it is a future question".

Concerning his oppositional intendments he explained that he would join strict opposition, if "new power did not raise citizens’ living standard and did not pay pensions in time".

Regarding George Gongadze killers’ detention, Yanukovich specified, that "we had to hear final result from judges". "Any conclusions made before court decision are premature", – he added.

He also condemned those, who put a brake on investigation of this case. "I censure those, who did not execute this case at that time. The fact that this business moved does credit to present law machinery".

Answering the question whether Yanukovich will support the group "Greenjolly" which became due to "Orange revolution", he answered: "I do not know the whole process. But I heard that people considered this decision unfair…But as a citizen of Ukraine, I will support it on "Eurovision".


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General Office of Public Prosecutor knows the customer of Gongadze murder

Posted by the Editor on March 3, 2005

News / 3 March 2005 | 09:25

General Office of Public Prosecutor knows the customer of Gongadze murder

Investigation knows the person ordered murder of the journalist George Gomgadze, – general public prosecutor of Ukraine Sviatoslav Piskun declared on a today’s press-conference.

Answering the question of journalists, who gave criminal order to murder, Piskun said: "There is such person". The qualifying question, whether this person is known to general Prosecution, he also answered affirmative. "We do not work in vain", – Piskun said.

"George Gongadze was killed by asphyxiation. Killers are Kievers. The killers were the operative police officials on that moment. Two criminals of four are now detained, one of suspected gave a written undertaking not to leave the place, another –General Pukach- is in search", – Piskun specified.

Also General Prosecutor revealed to journalists, that they searched things which were thrown out by the killers on the return trip from the Kiev region, where George was brought before murder.


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